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Archive for May 31st, 2010

31 May 2010

Thank you cards

Wedding Thank You Cards

We have just added a page to our website with details of Thank You Cards that we often supply for clients but rather stupidly, have never promoted. We have had eight orders for these in the last month which has prompted me to offer this service and in the future we will offer this at the pre-wedding meeting, 

These cards are a great way to thank your friends and family for the gifts or any help you have had with your wedding. You can have any design you want using one image or several. We supply you a pdf proof before they are printed to make sure they are exactly what you want. If you have a theme to match, you can send us a sample to match to.

You can decide to print everything including your signatures so you just to have address the envelopes. Alternatively you can leave the inside blank and personalise them perhaps mentioning the gift etc. A good option is to print the inside right of the card so they are ready to post but use the inside right for a handwritten note when appropriate. 

Delivery is 2-5 days but if you want to post them very quickly after the wedding, you can have the card design done and approved before the wedding so that all you have to do after the wedding is choose the image or images required.

All cards on this service are printed on a 300sgm board in either smooth, silk, gloss, ivory or a textured finish. You can have both text and images on the inside as well as the outside, in colour or black and white. These come supplied creased and folded with conqueror envelopes.

  The prices for 50-99 are:

  A6 single sided    £1.30

  A6 double sided   £1.50

  A5 single sided    £1.80

   A5 double sided   £2.10

31 May 2010

House Interiors

House interiors by Bob Fitzgerald

I am producing a book with some of the projects designed by Bob Fitzgerald, a client, and good friend, who sadly passed away last year. Bob's work is very well known and I was asked by the Kate and his daughters to present some of the jobs at his wake (click here for blog post). I decided to create a book for Kate and was very happy to do this but it is a testament to Bob how many people wanted to contribute and is now going to be from a lot of his friends and colleagues. Before sending the book design to Italy to be printed as a large format book with metal finish pages, it was decided that we should add something showing his home design projects which includes the home that is part of our premises at Wellington Road (click here for images). I therefore photographed 2 beautiful homes where Bob's design created great living spaces, with one of them even having a hot tub off the kitchen. Click here to see the images.

These images have been added to the book and the pages can be viewed here.

31 May 2010

Mecca Bingo bus side advertising

Photography of bus side advertising

In March an agency contacted me to take photographs of a bus with advertising for Mecca bingo. This seemed like an easy job but after phoning First Bus, we found out there were only 4 buses with the advertising and only 3 were in service. The routes are not planned until morning and as we wanted to choose the backdrops this became difficult to arrange, especially with the weather problems in March. 

Eventually we got something arranged and I was waiting for the bus at the appropriate location on Union Street only to find that the advertising was only on one side of the bus, and it was the wrong side. The solution was to take a shot of the advertising and then use Photoshop to cut this and add it to shots of busses making it much easier to get the type of bus shot required. Click here to see the shots.

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