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23 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas from aberdeenphoto.com

Merry Christmas from aberdeenphoto.com

I would like to wish all our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. David and I are currently spending all our time phoning couriers and on-line tracking the orders we are still waiting for. The weather has delayed delivery of several orders although we have had deliveries today of albums, acrylic prints, framed prints, and canvasses. Everything we are waiting is despatched but we cannot guarantee everything will get here. We have 4 orders in the UPS depot in Tamworth and the UPS website is stating delivery is due tomorrow so we can only hope that the weather does not cause any further delays. As a back up, we are preparing full colour vouchers showing what has been ordered and explaining what is to follow. Although it is far from ideal, at least there will be something to hand over.

These are the icicles at our front door and despite the beautiful sunshine, there is no sign of them melting.

They look beautiful and I could not resist getting my camera out although it was too cold to venture very far from the door. They would have looked better using a longer lens and a shallower depth of field but at minus 8, I took these very quickly.

At night, these look great looking out the window, with the lights on them. I might take them at dusk on a tripod if it is not too cold but Christmas shopping will probably take priority.

Although the weather has resulted in some cancellations, the studio has been busy and David has taken some stunning images. We have also sold a lot of portrait vouchers so we should be busy when we come back in the New Year.

We are open today and tomorrow and then I will be back to work on the 28th and we are photographing Cheryl and David’s wedding at Belhelvie on the 29th. I am then on holiday from the 30th to the 6th January, if we can get our flights.

I would like to thank all past and all future clients for your business and we look forward to dealing with you in 2011.


16 Dec 2010

Balmoral Terrace

Photography of 8 Balmoral Terrace

Earlier this week (14th and 15th December, 2010), I was photographing a house that is about to go on the market. Leathan Property instructed me to take the photographs of this charming house just of Broomhill Road. It is a beautiful property and has a high standard of finish. The kitchen, the tiling, the underfloor heating, the extensive decking, the glass partitions, and the bi-fold glass doors are the notable features. I took more shots of the glass as it was supplied by Yules who are a clients, and I will give them these shots also.


The decking had a lot of snow on it but we got it swept into one corner but it was still in some of our shots so Lukas removed it using Photoshop as you can see above.

The day that I took these was the last day before more snow was forecast and therefore, I could not wait until the best lighting was available. I used a technique known as HDR (high dynamic range). To do this you take a series of shots (on a tripod) at different exposures so in this example, I have shots exposed correctly for the decking but with a very white and over exposed sky. I also have shots where the sky is correct but the decking is obviously under exposed. Combining several shots together in Photoshop creates something akin to what the eye sees as our eyes are incredible and have a much greater dynamic range than any camera.

The dusk shots taken at the back of the house highlight the lights in the decking, and gives a different mood from a daylight shot. You can see in the examples above and below that Lukas has very skilfully removed the snow and sand.

To see all the proofs, click here. This house will go on the market very soon and is being sold by KWAD of Holburn Street, Aberdeen.

9 Dec 2010

Portrait packages

Portrait Package Gift Vouchers

Family Sessions Packages
Each session is 60 minutes at our Studio.
These sessions book quickly, so contact us soon to hold your spot.

When booking you’ll be asked to choose a package.

We offer two packages for Sessions:

20×16 Package ( £275 )
60 Minute Session
20×16 Canvas Wall Portrait
Two 8×6 Framed Desk Portrait
£443 Reduced to £275

30×24 Package ( £350 )
60 Minute Session
30×24 Canvas Wall Portrait
Two 10×8 Framed Desk Portrait
£568 Reduced to £350


To get a personalised voucher for something very special, email David or phone us on

01224 877 499

9 Dec 2010

Box Frames

Box Frames

Box frames are not new and I have sold them in the past. We did not have samples on display so David ordered a large one for the wall (24x20inch) and a smaller one (12x12inch) that can stand or hang. Since putting these on display, we have sold lots of them and they look fantastic. They come in sizes from 12×12 to 60 inches.

They are available in a range of colours  – black, beech, wenge, oak, gold, silver, bronze, or gunmetal. They look good in any decor – traditional or modern.

The very narrow border is a simple presentation not unlike canvas but the 2 inch depth looks great on the wall or the smaller ones standing on a unit. You can choose a contrasting colour or in the example below, a black background with the black frame make a very nice simple classy presentation.

David had a brother and sister – Mikaela and Mitchell Megginson in for a portrait. Football fans will recognise Mitchell as he plays for Aberdeen. He took some great shots and they have selected four box frames to display together on the wall – see below. I think this will make a great feature in the family home and I am looking forward to seeing these when they get delivered.

The box frames are more expensive than canvasses but we have great prices on these before Christmas or for a voucher if you want to give a very special gift. They start at £95 for a 12×12 and larger wall sizes start at £295. We have samples in the office that you can see at the sitting or viewing appointment.

9 Dec 2010

Amy and Michael at Castle Fraser

Amy and Michael at Castle Fraser

Saturday 13th November was a very cold but nice day for Amy and Michael’s wedding. They had decided to have a small intimate service and dinner at Castle Fraser for their family (21 people) and a big party in the evening for 190 guests at Lochter. All the guests arrived by helicopter which was a great way to start their day.

After the service we went out in to the grounds and got shots with the Castle and the Autumn colours and some fun shots of the bridesmaids trying to stay warm.

Then it was in the beautiful setting for dinner. Amy particularly wanted a dusk shot so she was happy to interrupt her meal to do this. At this time of year, there is only a short time when the twilight light is "right" so I set up and took a test of Sandra so I was ready to take Amy and Michael as soon as they came out.

Click here to see the complete set.

David went to Lochter and photographed all the guests and some dancing shots – click here to see these.

"Hi Neil,
We’ve just picked our favourite photos. It’s been a hard job because we love them all! …… Thanks again to you, Sandra, and David for all your hard work, we’re delighted with the photos! Kindest regards, Michael and Amy"


[cincopa AAEABYaqNErB]

9 Dec 2010

Kathleen and Ted renewing their vows

Kathleen and Ted at Craigieburn House

On Saturday 27th November, Kathleen and Ted hosted a wedding with a difference – they were already married and the ceremony and dinner for friends and family was to celebrate them renewing their vows. It was extremely cold and most of the photographs were taken inside but we got a few outside in the snow as it made for a good backdrop.

When Ted and Kathleen met with me before the wedding, they explained how important the photographs were as at their wedding 20 years ago, the photographer had a major problem and they only got a few images and these were not very good. Fortunately they were happy with the set than I took – see below.

"Hi Neil,
We absolutely love the photos. We will have a proper look this weekend & then arrange to come in & see you about an album.
Thanks again
Regards Ted & Kathleen Reid

"Thanks Neil,
Thats absolutely brilliant.Be in touch after our holidays
Regards Ted & Kathy

Click here to see the complete set.

9 Dec 2010

Mairi and Martin at Haddo House

Mairi and Martin at Haddo House

Saturday 4th December was an eventful day. David, Sandra, and I all went in Sandra’s car to Haddo House. We got stuck on the way there but fortunately got the car on the road again and eventually arrived at Haddo on time, only to find that everyone was stuck in the drive including a bus with all the guests. Several cars and the bus had to be towed and all other cars including ours had to be pushed.

All we could get taken before the service was Mairi and her Dad and we decided to photograph the guests as they went into the library for dinner. A few shots of Martin and his best man were taken after the service so nothing was missed. With it being so cold, most of the photographs were taken in the chapel or in the drawing room (the library was being set for dinner). Mairi was brave enough to go out in the cold to get a few with the snow before going back in to warm up in front of the fire.

The corridor is a favourite spot of mine and normally it is lit by daylight coming in the windows but on Saturday, there was no daylight and I had to get David to hold a second flashgun to light behind Mairi and Martin.

The library looked great and I photographed all the guests before they took their seats for dinner. Once the shots of the speeches had been done, we managed to get back up the drive and back home a lot easier than we had got there.

View the formal shots here and the informal shots at this link.

9 Dec 2010

Highland cows

Highland Cows

On my way back from photographing the toilets at Kippie Lodge, I got a phone call from a friend and client asking if he took a photograph of a Highland Cow with his iPhone would I manage to print a large canvas. I asked him where he was and he was on the South Deeside Road so I went to meet him but even with a 300mm lens, I could not get the close type of shot he wanted as the cows ran away. David then arranged to meet a farmer and go with him as the cattle recognise that he is coming to feed them so he could get shots of them in the snow without them running away. David got some great shots (see gallery below) and the client is going to use a few but has initially ordered a 1.4m x1.4m canvas (with 4cm) wrap which will look great in the new steading conversion he is currently building. From toilets to Highland Cows, our job certainly is very varied.


[cincopa AUAAsaK9MQI5]
9 Dec 2010

Lamination by Nu-Style

Photography of Lamination for Nu-Style

Earlier this year I took a lot of photographs for Nu-Style of their metal fabrication work and facilities. (click here for the blog post)

They have now asked me to take photographs of their lamination products and facilities. I have started photographing the projects they have picked as examples and have photographed toilets in Kippie Lodge, the Hilton Garden, and various schools.

There are lots more examples of their work to photograph as well as their workshops and displays at their premises in Bridge of Don but some of the images have already been supplied to Artech, the agency producing the brochure and website.


[cincopa AoEAib6wMwDw]


9 Dec 2010

New Macbook Air (2010 Edition)

New Macbook Air

I have just taken delivery of the new 13 inch Macbook Air with 256gb flash memory, the upgraded processor and 4gb ram. I had sold my previous Air as I thought the iPad was a replacement for it but much as I love the iPad and use it a great deal, I realised that I missed the Air. My main machine is a very high spec. 17 inch Macbook Pro connected to a 30 inch Cinema Display. It is a great machine and is portable enough to take on an assignment or trip but if I am out during the day, I tend not to take it with me.

The Macbook Air (MBA) is so light, it is very easy to have it with you always and where I prefer the iPad for viewing photographs, reading books or magazines, or browsing the web, the Air is much better for email and documents. The iPad is fine for reviewing  e-mail and I am much more likely to reply than I am on my iPhone, but I would not sit down and deal with a large volume of Mail on the iPad and this is where the MBA comes into it’s own.

The other use for me is for tethering to my camera and using it with Lightroom connected to my D3s is a great way to work especially if the client is with you. Being so  small and light, it can be in my camera bag and the option is always there.

The new one is not a huge change from the previous model but the increase to 256gb allows me to copy everything from my main SSD drive on the 17inch MBP as it is also a 256 SSD (it also has a 500gb internal drive and I can copy this to an external if I need this but generally this is not the case). The increase in speed is noticeable but not a huge improvement. The second USB port is a big plus. However there is one big drawback – no illuminated keyboard. This is a real inconvenience as a lot of the places I use my Air – on the sofa watching TV, dimly lit coffee shops etc., it is a real miss – so much so I have ordered a USB keyboard light. I do not often criticise Apple but I think this is a big mistake on a machine that is likely to be used in a lot of dimly lit places.

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