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May 2011

Adobe CS 5.5 Show – Terry White in Warsaw, 19th May 2011

Terry White – a Photoshop Guru and Evangelist teaching at a big Adobe CS 5.5 event.

19th of May 2011 was a special day to me (Lukas). Adobe hosted an event in Warsaw, Poland, promoting the new Creative Suite 5.5.

To do that  they have invited one of the greatest Evangelists and Teachers of all Adobe programs – Terry White !

Warsaw was one of the stops at the Adobe Evolution Tour CS 5.5. The event happened in a cinema, with a huge crowd of people, all hungry for the knowledge that Adobe Evangelists have to spread.

Who is Terry ?

Terry White – Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. Terry has been with Adobe for over a decade and has extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Professional product line. To read more about Terry, please visit his blog: Terry White Blog.

Terry is one of my Photoshop idols, a man who knows how to use it well – after all, he participated in its creation. He showed many cool things about Photoshop, and In-design. I knew all the features he presented ( after all I am a Adobe Certified Expert ),but it was nice to see how he runs the show, and how in a very short time he was able to present all the fantastic features of the Adobe Suite. His enthusiasm and knowledge made the presentation very enjoyable.

Adobe Evolution Tour CS 5.5.

The show was about the new features in the refreshed Creative Suite. It was not another product show where people tell you how good it is. At this Event the software was shown live, with examples. Everything was done in a relaxing and funny way – almost like a rock concert.

Terry showed how to use iPad apps alongside Photoshop. He took his iPad, lunched Adobe Eazel app, and created a basic "artistic" background in a very intuitive multi touch interface. Then he wirelessly transferred the image to Photoshop, and used it to change the background of a photograph of a model. Terry’s demo  has encouraged me to use the iPad alongside my iMac when using Photoshop. I can have all my favourite tools on the iPad and only the image on the 27inch screen, which is a very good way to work.

I was able to see how a Flash app on an Android phone could control 3 devices at the same time, then Motorola Xoom, and Black Berry tablet. A simple game was presented. Paul Trani was playing canoe game, where a canoeist was swimming from one screen to another – the canoe was disappearing from the screen of one device, and was seamlessly appearing on the screen of a second device. The canoe was swimming from screen to screen.

I was really impressed about all the cool things that can be done in Flash CS 5.5. I see a lot of potential in using it.

The part about video editing was also interesting. I didn’t know that such movie magic can be done on a home computer. After Effects program looks very difficult, but results out of it are very professional and almost Hollywood. I learned that one whole season of House was completely recorded wth DSLR cameras, and then edited fully on Adobe software.

My impression about Terry White.

It was really nice to see Terry live, after so many ears following him on his blog, and watching his video classes. On a coffee break, I got a chance to approach Terry to be photographed with him, and talked to him a little bit – what a great and humble guy he is.

At one point he gave me his own Nikon D7000 camera, and asked me to take a photograph  of him and one other evangelist, Michael O’Neil. I was very happy to see the photograph I had taken for Terry on his blog ! He used it on his post about the whole event.

I was also happy, when Terry asked me to take a photograph of him with a big Adobe logo in behind on a cinema screen. He asked me to send it to his e-mail address – so I did, hoping that he will get it.

Also Terry was kind enough to sign my iPad in the  Adobe Ideas app:


It was a great day for a Photoshop geek like me. It was the best show I have been at for years. Meeting Terry White will stay in my memory for ever, hoping that one day I will be as good in Photoshop as he is !


To see more photographs I taken from this event, please visit our Facebook gallery: Terry White – Adobe Guru & Evangelist in Warsaw, 19th May 2011

To read a short reportage from that day, tweeted live at the event, please visit my Twitter account: @morbiusz

To check out how Terry White described the event, please visit his post about the event on his blog.

You can also follow Terry White on Twitter, and Facebook.

One last thing…

During the Question and Answer session, one of the attendants asked Terry White, why iPad doesn’t support Flash. His reply was instant and very short: "Ask Steve Jobs".

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