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Dec 2010

Balmoral Terrace

Photography of 8 Balmoral Terrace

Earlier this week (14th and 15th December, 2010), I was photographing a house that is about to go on the market. Leathan Property instructed me to take the photographs of this charming house just of Broomhill Road. It is a beautiful property and has a high standard of finish. The kitchen, the tiling, the underfloor heating, the extensive decking, the glass partitions, and the bi-fold glass doors are the notable features. I took more shots of the glass as it was supplied by Yules who are a clients, and I will give them these shots also.


The decking had a lot of snow on it but we got it swept into one corner but it was still in some of our shots so Lukas removed it using Photoshop as you can see above.

The day that I took these was the last day before more snow was forecast and therefore, I could not wait until the best lighting was available. I used a technique known as HDR (high dynamic range). To do this you take a series of shots (on a tripod) at different exposures so in this example, I have shots exposed correctly for the decking but with a very white and over exposed sky. I also have shots where the sky is correct but the decking is obviously under exposed. Combining several shots together in Photoshop creates something akin to what the eye sees as our eyes are incredible and have a much greater dynamic range than any camera.

The dusk shots taken at the back of the house highlight the lights in the decking, and gives a different mood from a daylight shot. You can see in the examples above and below that Lukas has very skilfully removed the snow and sand.

To see all the proofs, click here. This house will go on the market very soon and is being sold by KWAD of Holburn Street, Aberdeen.

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