Below are a few photographs of these beautiful apartments in the west end of Aberdeen just off Fountainhall Road. The development was built by JNF Developments and these are to be offered as serviced apartments by West End Properties Ltd.

The photography was instructed by Gavin Thain, a client who I have worked for in the past, photographing the launch of a new boat, and also his wedding 15 years ago. I was delighted to undertake this photography as I love photographing interiors. 


They were a lot of reflective surfaces and led lighting which posed a bit of a challenge. 

For those interested in photography, most of the shots are predominately long exposure available light supplemented by a bare bulb (or softbox) Quantum flash as a fill light. Some shots use a second Quantum QFlash which can be fired  and controlled from my on camera Quantum Trio. As an example, the bedroom shot below was taken with the door open so Gavin held the flash to light the hall.


We have done some editing but there may be more to be done once the client makes their selection and comments.


In this shot, we have replaced the TV screen image with the BBC One title screen. We like to get it right "in camera" but it is great to have Photoshop when required.

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