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9 Mar 2017

Apartment refurbishment photographs for Mac Architects

I am finally getting back to blogging and this is the first of many featuring some of the wide range of photography that we undertake for some amazing clients.

I regularly photograph projects for the award winning and very talented Mac Architects and last week, I photographed the first stage of a refurbishment of a flat in James Street, Aberdeen.

I loved the design and look:

  • the skimmed concrete floor
  • the floor to ceiling trainers display
  • the huge Frezoli lights
  • the shelving in the en-suite
  • the “industrial” lights in the wet room
  • the Control 4 tech

I am looking forward to seeing and photographing more of this project.

25 Sep 2016

New Digital Wedding Services

We have a great reputation for wedding photography and the huge number of testimonials from clients is our best advert. We photograph weddings throughout Scotland, and even internationally.

We have always had a good range of packages for all weddings – from only 2 people to the largest wedding with hundreds of guests.

We have never included digital files as part of our packages but included them when a book was purchased, or sold them at an additional fee. This was not only a commercial decision but I have always wanted to ensure that anything printed from our files was printed to a high standard. However our clients want to have the digital files to share them on social media, and the flexibility to use the photographs how they want.

From today every package will include digital files making our services exceptionally good value. Not only will the high resolution files with copyright release be included, a print of each will also be part of the package ensuring you get beautiful prints and a reference to how the files should be printed. The option to upgrade to a book will always be available, with a wider range of options than ever, and at exceptionally good value.

12 Aug 2016

Summer Print Sale


23 Oct 2015

Christmas Portrait Promotion


Limited availability

Have a studio portrait of your family, choose your favourite photograph and get 10 Christmas Cards, all for only £29.

On-line booking

If you use the link below, you can choose your own time in our diary, and confirm your booking:

Book your portrait now.

You will get confirmation of the booking, and a reminder by text and or e-mail, the day before.

The Portrait Experience

Having a portrait done is an important part of your family history and will become a treasured heirloom. Therefore it is important that the photography, viewing, and product choice is handled well.

We are proud of the experience we offer, and we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The steps are:

  1. Book your portrait session in our diary using this link: https://aberdeenphoto.com/contact-us/book-appointment/
  2. Receive and complete the portrait booking form
  3. Come to the studio for a fun session
  4. Book your viewing appointment using the on-line diary
  5. See your images at actual size, framed, and visualised in room settings or your own wall (if you supply a photograph), and choose from amazing products
  6. Collect your portraits 7-10 days after the viewing


Two types of Christmas Cards

The Christmas Cards included have a slip in 6×4 print which is easily removed to have as a keepsake.

They have space for you to write your message, and they are 7×5 inches and can be posted as a normal letter.

Christmas Cards

Alternatively you can upgrade to beautiful high quality printed 6×4 cards, supplied with envelopes.

Christmas Cards

No obligation and no catch

Book a portrait session and we will take the photographs in our beautiful custom designed studio. You will be invited back to view them and you can choose your favourite images.

There is no obligation to buy, but of course, we hope you will love the images and choose from our incredible range of products.

We have some amazing offers, including:


If you want more information, e-mail Neil, or call us on 01224 877 499.


12 Apr 2015

Smart watches (Pebble and Apple)

With my renewed commitment to blogging, that will mainly be about photography, I want to add some variety to the posts and include some posts on my other interests, particularly technology.  With the launch of the new Apple Watch today (10th April) , I have ordered one and look forward to this incredible piece of technology. I already use a Pebble Steel and an iPhone 6 Plus and find this a great combination which will get better still with the new Apple Watch. I regularly walk and listen to podcasts and audiobooks and it is so useful to glance at my watch to see who is calling and decide whether to accept the call using my Bose QC20i headphones or decline the 0843 and nuisance calls with the X option on the watch. I can make calls using Siri and the in-line mic so I rarely need to take out my iPhone. In the cold winters of Aberdeen, this becomes even more useful when wearing gloves.


Other indispensable things about the Pebble / 6 Plus combo
  • Vibrate when iPhone disconnected – this has saved me forgetting or losing my iPhone several times.
  • Misfit app to track my activity (steps, calories burned etc.) although I still also use a Nike fuel band which I will stop using after I get the Apple Watch.
  • Reminders on the watch are very useful e.g. a reminder of a meeting or task to be completed
  • Text and email notifications on my wrist are a great way to stay informed when looking at my iPhone would be inappropriate but lets me selectively deal with anything urgent. I was photographing at a conference last week and got a notification (vibration) on my watch about a job request and this did merit taking out my iPhone for a quick reply which got me the job.If I had waited until the conference was finished, I would’ve lost the opportunity.
  • A 4am daily alarm on my wrist wakes me with a subtle vibration, but not my wife – easily declined if I change my mind
  • The shake to light for the time during the night is also very useful

This is only going to get better with the Apple Watch. When I ordered the first Pebble, I did think it was a gimmick and not necessary when carrying a phone but using it has proved very different. This viewpoint is from a dedicated watch lover who has top end Swiss watches which I have always had a passion for. I have recently sold some of these on eBay as apart from an occasional very dressy occasion, I already cannot imagine not having a Smart watch on my wrist.

I think a lot of people will question the point of a “connected” watch but when they see the functionality and usefulness they will quickly be converted.

As soon as I get the Apple Watch, I will create a post with my initial thoughts.

8 Apr 2015

Fantastic range of books from Graphistudio

Italian design and beautiful quality staring at an unbelievable £175 including presentation box

We can offer outstanding books for every event:

  • Portraits
  • Baby book
  • Wedding books
  • Party books
  • Private and corporate events
  • Family history books using your old photographs
  • Golf days
  • Engagement portrait books
  • Wedding signing books (beautiful paper suitable for signing)

We can even create books with your own photographs – we have created beautiful books combining wedding photographs taken abroad with the family and party photographs taken by us locally. Whether it is your family history or a once in a lifetime holiday, we can enhance the images and create something special to treasure and pass on to your family.

We are working on a book of a trip to Florida for a client to give to his 8 year old daughter – what price do you put on memories?

The images below show books of all sizes and include signing books (printed on special paper that can be written on) with engagement portraits, a long service awards event for Dril-Quip, properties, products, portraits, and of course weddings.

With the amazing range of sizes, finishes, colours, and prices, there is something for everyone and every budget. If you have anything that you want to commemorate or treasure, contact me to discuss creating a unique book.

From 20x20cm to 50x40cm and from 10 pages to 350 pages – there is something for everyone!


27 Mar 2015

14 Camperdown Road

I received a phone call from Deborah Peterson Milne asking for a quote for interior photography. Her property was due to go on the market and she was not happy with the photographs that had been taken. She accepted my quote and a time was arranged to meet at her property in Camperdown Road. Deborah sent me copies of the photographs that had already been taken and they were not too bad but Deborah did not think they conveyed the feeling of the property she had put so much effort into creating. Looking t them, I felt that there was too much flash and some of the camera positions were not ideal.

When I met Deborah, I found out that she had worked in the property rental business for Margaret Duffus Leasing so new a bit about property and marketing. Her apartment was very nice and had lots of interesting touches, and a nice ambience. The predominance of flash in the photographs was not conveying this so I concentrated on using manly available light with less flash. For some of the shots, I used HDR (High Dynamic Range) where I used 7 or 9 shots at different exposures and combined them in Photoshop to keep detail in the shadow and highlight areas without ruining the atmosphere of the room.

I do not know the difference in price but my fees will have been higher but high quality commercial images are an investment.Good photography will not sell a property on it’s own but can make a difference to how many people arrange a viewing, and as Deborah says in of her comments – it can “help get them through the door”

If you have a property anything to sell or promote, get in touch to discuss your requirements.



“Hi Neil – your photos are incredible. I’ll pick the ones out we need & let you know tomorrow morning if that’s ok?
Thanks again, Graham & I are delighted!”

“Good morning Neil,
Here are the photos that’d we’d like to use. Sorry it took me so long to chose; they seriously are all great!
Thanks again for all your help and confirming we weren’t crazy for not settling for the first set of photos that were taken.”

“Thanks for emailing me the photos last evening. Each one is incredible and we are very pleased.
I can’t wait to hear what our sales agent says on Monday. Sharp contrast from the photos she had arranged last Monday.
Thanks again and all the best!”

“Well your photos will definitely help get them through the door!!
Thanks a lot : )”


25 Mar 2015

Glamour, Glitz and Bubbles in aid of RNLI, 21st March 2015

We photographed a great event on Saturday. It was arranged by the Wood family who tragically lost their son, Stuart in 2009. The family wanted to learn about the search parties and this started their involvement in fund raising for the RNLI. Below is the story in Audrey’s words:

“Six years ago on 1st April 2009 flight 85n came down just of the coast of Boddam, 16 lives were taken including our son Stuart. Many months later we wanted to know how the search parties were involved in the search for the helicopter and the 16 bodies. We went to meet Fraserburgh RNLI and could not get over the emotions and the sincerity of these men. They told us of how upset that they were having to return back to shore as it became too dark for them to carry on searching, and how they left again on first light to begin searching again for our loved ones. The compassion and the comradeship touched us and even more so when we realised that they were all unpaid volunteers.

We decided to raise funds the first effort was a football match in Newmachar against Buckie Thistle. Then Kerry and I decided on a more female event, and in 2013 we held our first glamour, glitz and bubbles event at the Douglas hotel. The response for our events have been amazing, and with sponsorship from companies we have managed to take our small plans to a higher level. The support with raffle donations and auction items have been overwhelming and both Kerry and I have undertaken all the work without a committee. However without the loyal support of our family and friends we couldn’t have done it all. Until yesterday we had raised over £80,000 and the money has went  primarily to Fraserburgh and Peterhead, as they were involved in the search.Recently we have managed to include Aberdeen, Buckie and Macduff. Yesterday’s (Saturday 21st March, 2015) event raised another £19,000 and a late sponsor from Aberness Care kindly offered to top it to £20,000.


15 Dec 2013

Maggies Cancer Care centre


I have been involved in photographing the Maggies Cancer Centre since the work started and have taken progress photographs at all the stages. 

It was therefore very satisfying to be commisioned by Snøhetta, the Norwegian architects to take photographs of the interior which is stunning. The images have been used in a Norwegian magazine (see below). I have still more photographs to take as there were still small items to be fitted, and there was work being done in the kitchen when I was there. I am hoping to get these taken this week,and there will be another blogpost featuring more of the images.


20 Nov 2013

Katie and Mark slideshow

Here is a slideshow of a selection of images from Katie and Mark's wedding created with an Autumn theme. These type of slideshows look great on iPads and other tablets and are a great way to show photographs. We are currently developing a "fusion" product that also includes some video. A blog post with 2 recent samples will be available soon.

You can view all the images on our website by clicking here

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