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9 Feb 2012

Jill and Pepe at Norwood Hall

Wedding on Sunday, 22nd January


Finally back to blogging and hopefuly in 2012, I will have much more regular posts. I am delighted that my first post for my first wedding in 2012 is for a friend's wedding. As well as being the photographer, Sandra and I were guests at the wedding of Jill and Pepe (Guiseppe) on Sunday 22nd January.

As a regular client of the Ciao Napoli in Bon Accord Crescent (the best Italian restaurant in Aberdeen), Pepe and Nino (Pepe's brother) have become close friends, and I was delighted to be the photographer at the wedding.

It was a nice sunny day but was very very cold. Everyone was very cooperative and braved the cold to let us get most of the shots taken outside in the nice winter sun. I was using a new Nikkor 180 f2.8 which has a fantastic bokeh and I am looking forward to using it this year. Pepe is a keen photographer and has some nice Canon equipment so he will appreciate the quality of this lens.



The slideshow above is a nice way to view a selection of images and we often create this and give them to clients for their iPads, Smart phones, and laptops, but there are also images to view.


[cincopa AMJAp26biwnZ]


Norwood is an excellent venue and it was a great wedding. I took the formal groups and bridal portraits and David took over and photographed during the speeches and dancing, while I joined the party. Pepe is a big music lover and he had booked a fantastic Soul band from Glasgow  – A-Side Soul. Visit their website to hear how good they are.

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It was a great day and an excellent way to start 2012, which is already guaranteed to be a busy year.

18 Mar 2011

Commercial Sample Slideshow

Slideshow for the iPad

I have spoken before about how useful the iPad is as a sales tool and I now have several clients using these as sales presenters. I have just created a slideshow of commercial photography to show on the iPad. I thought about grouping exteriors, interiors, etc. but eventually decided just to mix a selection of shots to give a "feel" for the type of work I do. I created it at 720p and the quality on the iPad is great. The Youtube version below does not look so good as the iPad but if you choose 720p, it will give a good idea.


I have not "blogged" much recently as I have been so busy but I have a lot of draft posts with recent work prepared so all being well there will be a new post everyday next week. I love to get feedback on any of the posts so any comments will be appreciated.


17 Jan 2011

Wedding exhibition at the AECC

aberdeenphoto.com stand

We have had a very busy two days at the wedding exhibition at the AECC and have around 60 couples who have asked for more information.

We had a draw with a prize of £500 off any wedding package and the winner was Gemma Smith who is getting married in November this year. We have decided to offer all other entrants £50 off any package if the booking is confirmed before the end of February. This combined with the fact we are holding off increasing our prices until 1st March makes our packages very good value. The price is fixed at the time of booking so if you book for next year (or even further ahead), you will paying 2009 prices in 2012!

We had a simple design for the stand which featured eight large framed prints, a display of recent testimonials, and some information about our offices and studio. Although I love black and white and some of the more "moody" images, I decided to go with shots with lots of colour and impact. I was surprised at how many people commented favourably on this style of image including two Grooms who were keen photographers and asked about my "fill flash" technique. At a wedding, there is a wide range of styles taken, particularly if it is a 2 photographer package but I used this style on the stand to hopefully give it impact.

This year the exhibition moved to the large arena at the Exhibition Centre and I think everyone agreed this was a better venue. The fashion show had seating for over 700 people. Before and after the fashion show they showed a slideshow of ours (see below) and a short film by Mark Stuart (Mark Stuart Films) which was excellent.




3 Aug 2010

The wedding of Laura and David at Meldrum House

Laura and David, Meldrum House, 31st July, 2010

The beautiful setting of Meldrum House was the venue for Laura and David’s wedding on Saturday (31st July). The weather was mixed and we had several showers but managed to get most of the photographs taken outside. However some of the shots I had planned had to be omitted as the rain became heavier just as the bridal photography was finishing. Milly, Laura and David’s 1 year old daughter, was not keen to smile even with the Grandparents and Aunty Nicola making faces and noises behind me. Although she would not smile, her blue eyes were amazing, and she obviously got this from her Mum who was very easy to photograph.

Sadra was assisting me holding the brolly over laura and David until I was ready to take the photographs. Lukas was taking the informal photographs and stayed until after the speeches while I stayed on to photograph the first few dances. Lukas headed back and he and David worked until very late on Saturday night and had the "formal" images from both weddings on-line while the wedding receptions were still in full swing. we were all in early on Sunday to get the rest of the images on-line. Sandra and I got a lovely meal in the beautiful drawing room of Meldrum House. While having the meal, I prepared a small selection of images on my iPad and showed them to David, Laura, and some of the bridal party. It is always very gratifying to get good feedback and everyone was delighted with the images.  Although it was quite a long day and hard work, I really enjoyed it, and although I work long hours, weekends, and evenings, I am very lucky to do something I love even more now after 33 years as a professional photographer. Click here for the formal photographs, here for the candid images, and this link for the dancing. Below is a slideshow of a selection of the images.

28 Jul 2010

Michelle and Chris at Kings College and Norwood Hall

Michelle and Chris at Kings College and Norwood Hall

Friday was a beautiful day for Michelle and Chris’s wedding at Kings College. We started taking photographs at 10.45am of Michelle getting ready and then met the boys at the St. Machars bar in Old Aberdeen,and finished the photography of the dancing at 11.30pm. Although it was a long day, Michelle and Chris were a great couple to work with and it was a good fun wedding to photograph. 

The photographs getting ready are not on-line as Michelle wanted them kept private but all the others are available at the links below:

Formal photographs
Informal photographs
Dancing photographs

Michelle sent me a very nice email as soon as the photographs were on-line on Saturday.

"Hi there Neil, 
Thank you so much to both you and Sandra for all your hard work at our wedding. The photographs are fantastic, I am delighted with them!
We’re all packed and away to leave now… will be on touch when we get home.
Thanks again. Michelle
25th July 2010

 Below is a slideshow with a selection of the photographs. 


27 Jul 2010

Slideshow for Emma and Mick at Forest of Birse

Below is a slideshow of Emma and Mick’s wedding at Forest of Birse. A blog post re the wedding is already posted here.

27 Jul 2010

Slideshow for Laura and Ryan

This slideshow is for a wedding on the 29th May at the Altens Thistle. We went to Cove Bay and Laura very bravely walked to the beach which is a stunning  setting. It was so bright that it made it difficult for the photography but it was worth it for some of the shots captured.

27 Jul 2010

Claire and Steven at Pittodrie House

For the last two years we have been creating slideshows of selected weddings and putting them on-line as an alternative way to viewing some of the images set to music. I am going to be extending this service and we have been experimenting in delivering them in high quality to view on a computer or TV screen (via DVD or on a memory stick). When this product is ready, it will be offered for all weddings including past clients. We currently use YouTube to present these on-line and an example from Claire and Stephen’s wedding is below. There has already been a blog post of their wedding – click here for this entry.

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