Lamination work by Nu-Style

As part of an ongoing project to supply images to show lamination work done by Nu-Style, I was photographing Cocoa’s, a stylish Bistro and a chic bar just off Union Street.

I was featuring the work done by Nu-Style which included the table tops in a light cream coloured laminate, a table top area as you go i the door in a stylish black laminate with a pattern, which is also used in the cubes beside the lounge seating.  I really liked the black textured wallpaper beside the top at the door and as the architect was there, I was able to ask him about it and he is sending details and this may eventually be on a wall in my office as a backdrop to new samples I am about to order.

The laminate in the toilets is very impressive and gives the toilets a wow factor. The highly reflective panels and the bright spotlights does not make this an easy subject to photograph, but I have now photographed several toilets for Nu-Style so I know how to tackle this which often involves positioning the camera and tripod so the reflection does not show, and then using the self timer so I can be out of the room when the camera fires.

To see some of the work done for the metal fabrication services supplied by Nu-Style, click here, and for previous lamination photographs, click here. I am still working on a list of projects, studio shots of laminates, and photographs showing the workshop, and showroom, so there will be more posts showing the wide range of services and facilities, Nu-Style has to offer.

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