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Apr 2010


Digital Wallpaper for the Craighaar Hotel

One of the many products that we supply is digitally printed wallpaper. We have done several jobs where this has been used very effectively and I intend to feature several of these on this blog. Last year Bob Fitzgerald (see post) met with me to discuss his plans for the restaurant in the Craighaar Hotel. The theme was to be a garden room. After looking at various options, we decided that digital wallpaper was the best option.

We then looked for stock garden shots to use but could not find anything suitable and as large files were required, it was just as cost effective for me to take the photographs. We decided that very colourful shots would not be suitable and we wanted something more calming and muted, and possibly even with a early morning mist. I went to photograph Crathes Castle Gardens several mornings between 5 and 6am but never got the mist I was hoping for. Eventually I took a range of shots of the more overgrown natural areas of the gardens including some in a “panorama” type format where several shots are taken with overlap and these are joined later using Photoshop. On the way out I photographed the area on the right hand of the drive just as you enter Crathes Castle. The water, the bridge, and the “depth” to the shots was what I was looking for and there was also scope for good panorama shots and it was eventually these that were used.

The next stage was to photograph the restaurant and prepare visuals for Bob and the GM of the Craighaar. The job was in progress so the shots were taken in a “building site” but the visuals were approved (despite the fact that they could not properly convey the finished look and only showed the wall coverings). Then careful measurements were taken and the files prepared to print the wallpaper.


The images are printed on high quality vinyl wall coverings and supplied as rolls of wallpaper custom sized for each area with the appropriate overlap to allow the decorator to hang the paper and achieve a seamless finish. I met with the decorator to ensure he got what he needed. His team made a great job of hanging the paper and Bob then added lots of little touches including plants, and traditional Lion head wall fountains to complete the look.


The finished job was very well received by both Bob and the Craighaar and matched the visuals supplied and created the effect and mood required. Click here to see more photographs of this project.

Digital wallpaper is a very effective way to achieve a custom look for any space. You are only limited by your imagination and we have supplied wallpaper with logos, purchased stock images, shots from our library, and from copied artwork. We have created designs customised with areas left for TV screens, and to include text etc. This type of display can really help develop a theme (we produced a great wall of a black and white shot of New York with yellow cabs for the City Bar (post to be added soon), and I am currently working on visuals of iconic sports shots to use for a sports bar in Aberdeen, which will also feature in a future post.

If you have an area in your home or business that you want to transform, please contact me and I can create visuals and give you a quote.

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