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Aug 2018

Heavy Haulage by Colin Lawson Transport

It was a 5.45am start on Thursday where I had to meet two Colin Lawson vehicles at the Global Energy Group Nord Centre facility. I was photographing the loading of 4 huge steel structures on to two low loaders to go across the road to be loaded onto a boat. These shots are to be used to show the Colin Lawson heavy haulage services. They operate one of the largest fleet of heavy haulage vehicles in the North east of Scotland, with a multitude of variable low loader trailers.

The early morning light was a challenge but I got some good light and Colin was happy with the images.

Hi Neil

They are stunning, the whole picture from the sky colour to trucks jumps out at you, really impressed


I had previously photographed some of the trucks at the Colin Lawson office and yard, and Colin was also pleased with the first shoot:

Morning Neil, that is stunning, even the quality of photos with the limited light looks fantastic, you’re the best chum,

Colin Lawson

We are working to get a library of images which will be used for a new website and company brochure. We have supplied draft visuals of possible front page layouts for the website.

I am looking forward to working with Colin to get strong images and update the website and brochure

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