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Mar 2011

Industrial Unit in Westhill

Building site to finished building with Photoshop

Earlier this week, I was asked to photograph a unit in Westhill that is close to the the end of the construction stage. It was very difficult working around the diggers, workmen, and Portacabins. My angles were very restricted but at least the lighting was good. The client needed the images now before the building was finished so we were asked to remove railings etc. Lukas has done a great job on this very tricky task.

Apart from the obvious railings being removed and grass added, if you look closely,you will see the work he has done on the windows, the sign at the far right, and some of the drums etc. in front of the warehouse.


It would have been much easier to photograph it once it was complete but that was not an option so this is where having a Photoshop guru on the team is a great asset. I have to be careful showing this type of job as it not is not appropriate for some jobs, and can be expensive as it is charged on a time basis, but  in some situations it can be a great tool to have available.

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