Earlier this year I was introduced to Kimberlie by her fiancé, John Otto, a friend, and fellow BNI member. Kimberlie wanted some profile shots taken and we agreed on Drum Castle as the location. The shoot went well, and Kimberlie was delighted with the results

Kim was then busy finishing her book, Rebel Cats, which is now published. It is a beautifully produced book.

Kimberlie required a website and blog and had a clear idea of the design she wanted so we created a new website and worked with her to make changes and it is now complete

Here is Kimberlie’s email after the website went live

“AberdeenPhoto did a wonderful job creating my author website and blog platform…it isn’t easy having a Virgo for a client (sorry!) but they were extremely patient and made every last tweak requested. Highly recommended!”

Kimberlie 😺😺😺


Kimberlie followed up with another email with comments from her publisher

“Hello gents,

My publisher and my agent both LOVE my new website. Kudos to you!


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