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Jun 2018

Photography for Aberdeen Altens Hotel

A few weeks ago, an appointment was made by Julia Leitch, the Sales Manager of the Aberdeen Altens Hotel. Julia used the link to my online diary on our website to request a meeting to discuss photography of the hotel. Her General manager had seen some of my interior photography and asked her to contact me which was flattering. There is a lot of photography to do but I suggested starting with a few shots first to ensure I was meeting their expectaions. We arranged to photograph a bedroom and a serviced apartment. The rooms are large well-appointed rooms and were beautifully prepared for the photography.

Fortunately both Julia and the General Manager were happy with the images and more photography has been booked.


Neil has taken some fantastic images of one of our bedrooms and one of our serviced apartments, which really capture the light and airy atmosphere within the rooms. Neil has done such a great job with these images that we have already invited him back to take more photos and we can certainly recommend him, not only for the quality of the images, but also for his professional and prompt service, both pre and post shoot.

Thanks again Neil, it’s not an easy task to get the images perfect on the first attempt and you have achieved it!

With thanks and kind regards


Julia Leitch
Sales Office Manager
The Aberdeen Altens Hotel

Interior photography is specialist area for me and is something that I very much enjoy. In the past I would have used a lot of lighting to balance with available lighting. This was the only approach when using film. Although I still carry a lot of radio controlled lighting, and it can be very useful, I now use a multi exposure high dynamic range (HDR) approach. Taking between 5 and 9 different exposures, Lukas then blends these to create a natural looking light balance, which is very popular with clients of my interior photography. The other important element is composition and I use a range of wide angle and perspective control lenses to give depth and show the space but by using these lenses with a spirit level, I can retain straight lines and avoid converging verticals.

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