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Mar 2020

Photography for Paradigm

I was commissioned for a shoot for Paradigm at their facility in Inverurie. It was a cold February day but the low winter sun gave me good light for the equipment that was outside the workshop.

To create “studio style” clean images, we created cut-outs and placed the images on a white background.

It is hard to beat good quality daylight, and using this and removing distracting backgrounds is a very useful way to get images of tools and equipment.

I took shots of the workshop and more equipment. I could have set up a background and lighting but a lot of the equipment was too large for my 10ft background so we used Photoshop cut outs again.

I also took shots of the team at work.

Shots of the new Global Business leader, Kevin Langan, were also required so they were taken in the workshop. They have already been used on the Paradigm website


“Great thanks for this Neil, Dave said he’s very happy with them, so good to have you as a contact for future use also. Thanks”


“Spot on Neil, Cheers for these.  I’ve spoken to Martine in a separate email so she will know we have received everything and I’m very happy to close out this job. Thanks again for your help.”

Dave Moles, Visualisation Manager

I was delighted to receive positive feedback and hope to work with Paradigm again.


I featured this shoot at BNI.

Last year the members of BNI Scotland North reported income in excess of £15.4 million in new business!

Globally, the 270 000 members of BNI passed over $16 billion in business. In the UK, it was £520 million, and in Scotland North, £19.2 million, up nearly 3 ½ million on 2018.

One element of the meeting is that each member has 60 seconds to let the other members and visitors know about their business, and ask for a specific referral. Every week, I show one recent assignment or a selection of the work done the week before.

You can see the content I have used at BNI over the last three years here:

If you are interested in discussing photography or attending BNI, please contact me by email ( or phone me on 07813 705 205

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