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Aug 2019

Photography of the Laings of Inverurie Showroom

At the BNI meeting this morning, Darren Walker of Laings was presenting the weekly 10 minute presentation. It was an excellent presentation with some background personal information, the long history of Laings, and about the company as it is today, using my images of the showroom, and also a case study of a house in Inverurie.

The showroom is currently being extended and there is a lot of work being done which made the photography difficult. There was scaffolding at the windows, and skips etc. outside which were reflecting in the mirrors. Lukas’s photoshop skills sorted all this out and we got great feedback from Darren and Katie (Marketing Excecutive).

“A short note to say thank you for the photos, they are fantastic and can’t wait to use them !”
Darren Walker, Director

“Hi Neil,
Thank you for sending the link across – there are some really beautiful shots in there!
Katie Allen, Marketing Executive

Laings has the finest kitchen and bathroom showroom in Scotland with some beautiful displays, and it was a pleasure to photograph.

Some of the kitchens on display were stunning, and the one above which is the first one you see on the first floor certainly has the wow factor.

As well as photographing complete displays, I also photographed some of the details to show off the bathroom and kitchen hardware. These images will be used in the new Laings website, and in other marketing including social media. In the last blogpost, we featured a case study shoot for Laings, and we are about to take another 9 of these as we offer a very special deal on 10 shoots to let companies build a portfolio of images for marketing. Good quality images are a great marketing tool, and we are looking forward to working on these shoots for Laings.

I featured this job at BNI yesterday


Last year the members of BNI Scotland North reported income in excess of £15.4 million in new business!

Globally, the 227,000 members of BNI passed over 9.8 million referrals which resulted in more than $13.6 billion in business.

One element of the meeting is that each member has 60 seconds to let the other members and visitors know about their business, and ask for a specific referral. Every week, I show one recent job, or a selection of the work done the week before.

You can see the content I have used at BNI over the last two years here

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