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May 2020

Product Photography

We have always offered a studio service for products, whether it is for very simple high quality images for an on-line shopping cart, more creative images for home pages or brochures, larger items in the studio, or on location.

We have a very well equipped custom designed studio with a large seamless cove, and a choice of motorised backgrounds.

The brief is very important. If you are looking for something creative or lifestyle images, then this takes longer than simple plain background images. Most shopping carts want all the images to be consistent with the same background and format. If your images are landscape and upright, we would recommend using a square format for consistency.

JEWELLERY photography

This client wanted a consistent approach and we used a plain black background to show off the silver. We also created some multiple images, and used high gloss black tiles to give a reflection.

“We have been getting lots of very positive comments about the photographs on our website, especially regarding how clearly you can see the products so thanks very much for those ! I’m not sure if you have had a chance to look at the site yet: Each product has a magnify function and you can click on the image to enlarge it as well so you really get to see the images properly.
Kind regards
Carrie, Tain Silver”

Tain Silver kindly referred us to Jewellery Casting, and we photographed a batch of products for them. We did tests using grey, white and black and they selected white.

“Absolutely delighted, thank you

We have done other jewellery photpgraphy. For the SilverStory shoot we used props to create a mix of styles

“Hi Neil, Many thanks for the pics.
They look amazing!  Sorry it was such a big job .…
Many thanks for your time and professionalism.
Kind regards, Ursula”

New project – online shop for Skull and Bone

We are currently working on a website for a client and have taken some sample shots of the product trial packaging in the studio, and added these to a demo shopping cart. If you are looking for a website or to add a shopping cart to an existing one, we can offer a “one stop” solution for the photography and website.


Brochure photography

Last week we were asked to take very simple shots of gloves, masks, and hand sanitiser for a brochure

This type of shoot does not take long and can be supplied very cost effectively.

We have taken a wide range of products – from glamorous clothing available for hire to a toilet brush system to sell on Amazon.

Although our studio is large and has easy access, we do work on site for very large products, or where it is not convenient to take items to the studio. We can set up a studio with battery powered and remote controlled “studio” lighting.

Occasionally if a product may benefit from a home or office setting, I will use my house adjacent to the studio, or my office

We often get large numbers of products to photograph and can offer very cost effective pricing. We have also re-named image files with product codes making it very east to use the images on a website. Below are a few of 150+ toys photographed for Keycraft Global, and another recent shoot with even more products was workwear and equipment for Ross Survival.

Out studio has a ramp access and we can accommodate sizeable items in the studio, and we often photograph products and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Where possible we will try and get what we need direct from the camera so we only have to crop and colour correct, and we can often batch process this. To ensure colour accuracy, we use a colour grid and or grey reference. Where required, we can provide cut-outs and give you the files on a pure white or any background colour, including graduated.

Workwear shoot

However every image needs at least some Photoshop work, and when required, this can be more extensive. You can see examples of this on a recent workwear shoot.

We photographed workwear on a mannequin and then removed the mannequin using Photoshop. However collars behind the mannequin had to be added from a shot of the inside collar, and then these images were combined to get the “floating” look required by the client.

The shiny helmets with clear visors were very challenging but with careful Photoshop work, we met the client brief.

For the lifejackets and harnesses, we had to create the collars as above, and there was also some complex cut outs required.

You can see more examples at a blogpost here.

There are other workwear samples on previous blogposts:

Worldwide workwear

Behind the scenes on a workwear shoot in the studio

Everything starts with a high quality image but with Photoshop, we can create cut outs, change backgrounds, add reflections, and create interesting images to meet any requirements.

With every shoot you get a link to a password protected gallery that you can share with anyone that requires the images, e.g. your web designer.

The gallery will let you download the images (individually or the complete set) at 1200px which is ideal for web or any screen requirement, and also at up to 8256 px., and these high resolution images are suitable for brochures, posters, or any print requirements. All images are supplied with full copyright release.


You can view more examples of our work in this gallery


We have just introduced fixed pricing which is exceptionally good value.

Small items (up to 40cm)

First item £75.00
Per additional edited image £20
over 20 Price on application

Larger items

First item £90.00
Per additional edited image £25
over 20 Price on application

For more creative options, using location backgrounds, or photoshop editing, we will be happy to give you a fixed price quote.

Editing your own images

If you have images that require editing, we are happy to provide a sample and a quote for simple clean up, to more complex cut outs. Please send a sample file to


In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the images, then there will be no charge reducing your risk to post or delivery only

If you would like to discuss any product shot requirements, choose a time from the on-line diary to have a Zoom call with Neil.

Book an Appointment

To meet with Neil to discuss any of your requirements, click here to access his diary and choose your own time

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