Hi Neil

I just want to Thank You so much for Saturday Neil, the photos are great and such a nice memory of the day…….”

Just seen photos Neil, they are great, so pleased with them, wonderful memories. I would like to order a few so once I have time I will get back to you…

Pamela Semple

“Hi Pamela,

Lovely to hear from you, and I’m absolutely stunned by the success of your Afternoon Tea Party! I can’t believe how much you’ve raised – £6,000 is an extraordinary amount, and you know some very generous people. Please pass on my thanks to everyone for their kindness, and also to everyone who helped with the organising.

The photos are brilliant, and so it’s so kind of the photographer to share these. They really show how much everyone enjoyed the event, and great to hear that people are already asking when the next one will be. Definitely too many dishes to wash though!!

Very best wishes
Iain McWhirter
Head of Fundraising and Volunteering
MND Scotland

2016, November 26th – MND Scotland | Touch of Sparkle