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Apr 2020

Video / Slideshow tours

At the start of the lockdown, we were asked by one of our clients, Savills, if we could create tours of houses from stills already taken. We created a sample using simple video editing techniques, including the Ken Burns effect (The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery. The name derives from extensive use of the technique by American documentarian Ken Burns).

The first one requested was for a stunning new build, Wellwood. Although it is unfurnished, there is the grounds, kitchen, and bathrooms to feature. We added captions and this created a guided tour.

Another beautiful property in Aboyne being marketed by Savills

Having created these for Savills, I looked at other uses for this approach and created this sample of Vovem and 21 Crimes to show Tinto Architecture. They loved it and asked us to create tours for 3 other projects, which we are working on.

I created an example for another architect client, Crawford Architecture who also liked this approach.

There are many benefits to showing images in this way;

  • Images are shown in order
  • Timing and captions can highlight selling points
  • Uses high-quality images created using HDR which is not possible with video
  • Using 47 mpix stills gives more control and very high quality
  • Getting both stills and video from one shoot is very good value

Photography is all about telling a story and combining the images in this type of presentation let’s the ‘seller” create a guided tour and control the storytelling. Video on your website or social media is great for SEO.

I received an email from Deeside Golf Club about them creating a YouTube channel so I created a tour of the club and facilities and got a great reaction from Debbie, the club manager

Neil this is fantastic – who put you up to that?
It’s amazing – made me cry – I’m missing my second home!
I’ll run it past Elaine then get it uploaded to website and our you tube channel
Many thanks!

Best wishes

Debbie Pern CCM
Club Manager/Secretary
Deeside Golf Club,

I have created this type of presentation previously but the request from Savills for a solution during lockdown has prompted me to look at this in more detail, and I am sure that this will be something that I will use more often. This will also influence the range of shots I will take to help tell the story when I know this type of presentation may be required.

If you are a client and are interested in getting this from a previous project, or you have your own set of images and would like something like this, then please contact me.

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