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Jul 2010

Morag and Ross’s wedding album

I am about to have several posts on recent weddings which tells only part of the story and the links are to previews. It is when we design albums that the images selected by the couple are edited to a higher standard. Then when the pages are designed, the finished product starts to take shape. Therefore as well as posting details of the wedding photography, I will start to post albums that we are working on. Here is an album of a wedding we photographed back in 2007

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One of the advantages or possibly disadvantages of leaving our images on-line is that our clients can order their albums whenever they want, although we suggest it does done within six weeks after the wedding or it keeps getting put off as was the case with Morag and Ross – see the email below.

 Dear Neil,
My name is Morag McGee and you were our fantastic photographer at our wedding at Mar Lodge on 3rd Novemeber 2007. I am just dropping a line to see if we can (FINALLY!) order our wedding album, I am sorry it has been flippin ages since we last spoke but our house has had to take centre stage these couple of years! I have also picked 150 photographs from the online album for you to use too, which I can bring in or attach to an e-mail. I remember when we came in to see you, we discussed how the album could look and any possible effects that could be applied to the pages and photographs.  Ross and I have an idea of what we like and dislike as far as this is concerned but wondered if you would prefer to discuss it in person, or via e-mail.

Best Regards
Morag McGee

The workflow to creating an album is

  • The couple choose their images and email this list to me
  • They choose the size and format (upright, landscape, or square) and the type of book – this is sometimes chosen at the pre-wedding meeting or after the photographs are taken
  • We design the pages and create an on-line gallery of them so that the Bride and Groom can preview it and advise any changes required
  • The changes are made and once the design is approved on-line, they will either come back and view the album on my 30 inch Apple screen or the projector. This is a slideshow presentation set to music chosen by the Bride and Groom (usually the first dance).This presentation is included with every storybook album. It can be supplied in a choice of formats – Quicktime, MP4, and we have just added the option of blu-ray. Click here to see a small on-line version.
  • The slldeshow viewing is a final opportunity to make any final changes before the book is ordered from Italy.
  • At this final viewing, the cover choice is finalised and parent or pocket books are ordered.
  • The book is supplied with the slideshow and all the high resolution files on disc – those in the album and all the others taken.

There will be other posts about the albums and cover options, and we are about to add new alternatives to Graphistudio which will be featured in forthcoming blog posts.

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