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Dec 2010

Mairi and Martin at Haddo House

Mairi and Martin at Haddo House

Saturday 4th December was an eventful day. David, Sandra, and I all went in Sandra’s car to Haddo House. We got stuck on the way there but fortunately got the car on the road again and eventually arrived at Haddo on time, only to find that everyone was stuck in the drive including a bus with all the guests. Several cars and the bus had to be towed and all other cars including ours had to be pushed.

All we could get taken before the service was Mairi and her Dad and we decided to photograph the guests as they went into the library for dinner. A few shots of Martin and his best man were taken after the service so nothing was missed. With it being so cold, most of the photographs were taken in the chapel or in the drawing room (the library was being set for dinner). Mairi was brave enough to go out in the cold to get a few with the snow before going back in to warm up in front of the fire.

The corridor is a favourite spot of mine and normally it is lit by daylight coming in the windows but on Saturday, there was no daylight and I had to get David to hold a second flashgun to light behind Mairi and Martin.

The library looked great and I photographed all the guests before they took their seats for dinner. Once the shots of the speeches had been done, we managed to get back up the drive and back home a lot easier than we had got there.

View the formal shots here and the informal shots at this link.

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