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Client albums

Below are links to client albums either in progress or complete. Our clients can access their albums here and advise us of any changes required. We have a specialised system which allows ou r clients to view and advise amendments and approve pages ensuring it is created exactly as you wish. We do not print an album until you are completely satisfied with it. With every album, we supply a CD presentation set to music.

Isla and Douglas at Northern Hotel

Sarah and Mark at Ardoe House Hotel

Katie and David at Fasque House

Zoey and Ian at Maryculter House Hotel

Shona and Donald at Tor-na-Coille

Aimee and Ryan at Pittodrie House Hotel

Chelsea and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel

Claire and Kevin at Craigiebuckler Church

Kimberley and Barry at Meldrum House

Kim and Mark at Thistle Altens Hotel

Julie and Peter at Aberdeen Altens Hotel

Gillian and Martin at The Palm Court Hotel

Julie and Alan at Rox Hotel

Lorri and Martin at Banchory Lodge Hotel

Jenna and Greg at St. Machars Cathedral

Jasna and Grant at Elphinstone Hall

Jenny and Darren at Cults Parish Church

Claire and David at White Horse Inn, Balmedie

Kirsten and Simon at Banchory Lodge Hotel

Lucy and Graeme at Maryculter House Hotel

Stacey and Ian at Maryculter House Hotel

Dani and Mark at Norwood Hall

John and Stefan at Ardoe House Hotel

Sandra and Ian at Rox Hotel

Kelly and Justin at The Old Mill Inn

Gillian and Martin at Palm Court Hotel

Karen and John at Norwood Hall

Suzy and Stephen at Norwood Hall

Sheila and Tony at Palm Court Hotel

Diane and Lee at The Thistle Altens

Carly and Ryan at Banchory Lodge Hotel

Brenda and Gary at The Town House

Zoe and Mark at Cults Parish Church

Jayne and Alec at Tarland Church

Louise – Jane and James at Craigiebuckler Church

Stephanie and Craig at Meldrum House

Sam and Martin at Greystone Farm

Carol and Harry at Eat on The Green

Gillian and Gavin at Fasque House

Laura and Craig at Norwood Hall

Wendy and Chris at Meldrum House

Lorna and Stephen at Newmachar Church

Leanne and Gary at Old Course Hotel

Yvonne and Mark at St. Machars Cathedral

Emily and Chris at Rox Hotel

Kelly and Steven at Thainstone House Hotel

Jackie and Michael at The Old Mill Inn

Lisa and Philip at Meldrum House

Natalie and David at Altens Thistle

Julie and Danny at Ardoe House Hotel

Anne-Marie and John at Palm Court Hotel

Rachel and Scott at The Old Mill Inn

Debbie and Chris at The Palm Court

Jacqui and Alistair at The Marcliffe

Sarah and Gavin at The Marcliffe

Charmaine and Steve at The Old Mill Inn

Heather and Sam at Meldrum Church

Claire and David ath The Old Mill Inn

Linda and Sean at Holiday Inn West

Amy and Gregor at The Old Mill Inn

Linda and Tommy at Craigiebuckler Church

Kim and Chris at Raemoir House Hotel

Laurie and Michael at Meldrum House

Paula and Barry at Hilton Tree Tops

Andrea and Arthur at Palm Court

Melissa and Robbie at Palm Court

Lenka and Stuart at Palm Court

Cheryl and Peter at The Old Mill Inn

Jenny and Kevin at Maryculter House Hotel

Fiona and Lee at Chester Hotel

Andrea and Diego at Kings College

Sarah and Scott at The Marcliffe

Pamela and Scott at The Old Mill Inn

Mairi and Edward at Cults Parish Church

Sarah-Louise and Barry at Meldrum House

Janina and Paul at Blairs Chapel

Jenny and Fraser at Drum Castle

Louise and Stewart at The Old Mill Inn

Lynn and Michael at Meldrum House

Sarah and Ryan at Pittodrie House Hotel

Orielle and Graeme at Maryculter House Hotel

Lisa and John at Gardeners Cottage

Katie and Mark at Kinnettles Castle

Isabella and Cameron at Chapel of Garioch Church

Sarah and Paul at Seafield Club

Kirsty and Brian at Norwood Hall

Lynn and Simon at Pittodrie House Hotel

Jill and Giuseppe at Norwood Hall

Laura and Graeme at Maryculter House Hotel

Claire and Willie at Meldrum House

Sally and Matthew at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Susan and Julie at Meldrum House

Ianthe and Mark at Atholl Palace

Claire and Bryan at Kings College

Kelly and John at Meldrum House

Vilma and Jim at The Athol Hotel

Ashley and Gordon at Kings College

Michelle and Alex at The Old Mill Inn

Lynda and Alex at The Old Mill Inn

Eilidh and Andrew at The Old Mill Inn

Carolyn and Liam at The Marcliffe

Jill and Alan at The Marcliffe

Laura and Barry at The Marcliffe

Claire and Scott at Meldrum House

Carol and Scott at Norwood Hall

Michelle and Jonathan at Cameron House

Gemma and Scott at Ardoe House

Laura and Keith at Cults Parish Church

Amanda and Scott at Cults Parish Church

Lisa and Colin at Craigieburn House

Anne and Ian at Raemoir House

Julie and Mark at The Old Mill Inn

Sarah and Jim at The Old Mill Inn

Kristina and Tim at Ardoe House

Elaine and Robert at Buchan Braes

Leah and Stuart at St. Marys, Carden Place and The Old Mill Inn

Amanda and David at Cults Hotel

Gemma and Kevin St. Machars & Norwood Hall

Vikki and Nathan at Ardoe House

Corinna and Stewart at the Airport Thistle

Anna and Ivan at St.Palladius Church and Drumtochty

Sarah and Duncan at Meldrum House

Angela and Grant at The Marcliffe

Fiona and Jean-Christophe at Dunkeld Cathedral

Sarah and Innes at Kings College and Norwood Hall

Judith and Ross at The Old Mill Inn

Melissa and Alan at The Old Mill Inn

Joanne and Richard at The Town House

Nicola and Richard at the Buchan Brae Hotel

Joanne and Stuart at Pittodrie House Hotel

Alison and Scott at Maryculter Church

Laura and Mark at the Old Mill Inn

Nicola and Neil at Winter Gardens

Michelle and Toby at The Town House

Dee and Kevin at Kings College

Karly and Ally at Hoilday Inn West

Jeanette and Eddie at the Old Mill Inn

May and Paul at Drum Castle (Chapel)

Joanne and Lau at The Pittodrie House

Michelle and Gavin at Craigiebuckler Church

Christine and Grant at Norwood Hall

Emma and Kevin at Pittodrie House Hotel

Fiona and Andrew at Maryculter House Hotel

Stacey and Norman at the Marcliffe

Debbie and Graham at Winter Gardens

Natalie and Allan at Maryculter House

Louise and Matthew at Maryculter House Hotel

Nacari and Richard at St. Machars Cathedral

Laura and David at Meldrum House

Lisbeth and David at Thainstone House Hotel

Olu and Jonathan at Craigiebuckler Church, Wedding Album

Olu and Jonathan at Hilton Tree Tops, Engagement Album

Julie and deBroy at Norwood Hall

Kathleen and Ted at the Hilton Tree Tops

Judy and Gordon at The Copthorne Hotel

Pamela and Paul at Meldrum House

Amy and Michael at Castle Fraser

Sarah and Gavin at Dunnottar Church

Stacey and David at Kings College

Kirstine and John at Haddo House Chapel

Karen and Nick at King’s College

Naomi and Paul at The Old Mill Inn

Michelle and Gavin at Holiday Inn, Aberdeen West

Vikki and Ross at St. Marys on the Rock

Natalie and Ross at St. Machars Cathedral

Sarah and Dougie at Gilcomston South

Nicola and Ricky at the Northern Hotel

Sarah and Mike at St. Machars Catherdral

Tracey and Alan at the Old Mill Inn

Kelly and Frazer at St. Mary’s on the Rock

Lesley and Jerry at Norwood Hall

Emma and Paul at Ardoe House Hotel

Heather and Greig at Norwood Hall

Michelle and Keith at Old Meldrum Parish

Carmen and Paul at Norwood Hall

Margaret and Ian at Pittodrie House

Morag and Ross at Marr Lodge

Pauline and Paul at The Craigiebuckler Church

Elisha and Chris at The Old Mill Inn

Wendy and Walt at The Marcliffe

Lynne and Gary at Drum Chapel and Castle

Nikki and David at The Old Mill Inn

Vivienne and Mick at Skene Church

Wendy and Doug at Ardoe House

Patricia and James at The Marcliffe

Catherine and Michael at Meldrum House

Jennifer and Josh at Fetteresso Church

Jennifer and David at The New Inn Hotel

Tricia and Phil at The Old Mill Inn

Pauline and Jon at Drum Chapel

Sarah and Duncan at St Columbas Church

Donna and Lawerence at St Machar Cathederal

Lisa and Dave at Kings College

Tina and Scott at The Maryculter House

Pamela and Nick at Lumsden Church

Emma and David at The Old Mill Inn

Lyndsay and Stewart at The Old Mill Inn

Lesa and Kevin at Ardoe House

Susannah and Lee at Pittodrie House

Jennie and Alastair at Fyvie Castle

Karin and Paul at Crathes Castle

Patricia and Alistair at Crathes Castle

Claire and Phil at Gilcomston South Church

Andreina and David at Blairs Church

Melissa and Barry at Norwood Hall

Jennifer and Robert at Ardoe House

Kelly and Charles at Maryculter Church

Kelly and Darren at Thainstone House

Gwen and Andrew at Hatton Castle

Linda and Scott at Maryculter House

Sarah and Keith at Skene Church

Claire and Steve at The Old Mill Inn

Jillian and Ryan at The Old Mill Inn

Katherine and James at The Old Mill Inn

Michelle and Colin at Blairs Chapel

Donna and John at Inveravon Church, Ballindalloch

Sarah and Robbie at St. Devenicks, Bieldside

Shona and Martin at Drumtochty Castle Hotel

Joanne and Ryan at Kings College and The Marcliffe

Sharon and John at Gairnshiel Lodge

Sandie and Derek at Maryculter Church

Carole and Alistair at Fettercairn Church

Erica and Jamie at St. Andrews Cathedral

Karen and Ross at Maryculter House Hotel

Lucy and Brian at The Collieston Church

Louise and Mark at Kemnay Church

Wendy and Bruce at The Marcliffe

Donna and Gordon at The Marcliffe and Antiqua

Suzi and Stuart at Copthorne Hotel

Angie and John at Maryculter House Hotel

Susan and Richard at Norwood Hall

Patricia and Darren at Craigiebuckler Church

Ruella – Maria and Jason at Kings College

Nicola and Neil at Maryculter Church

Nicola and Bob at Portlethen Church

Annie and Andrew at The Town House

Katherine and Gary at Tarland Church

Florence and Alex at The Ardoe House

Gayle and Fred at Drum Castle

Sarah and Harry at Kings College

Susan and Stephen at The Marcliffe

Jacqueline and Kevin at Holburn South

Sharon and Colin at Ellon Parish Church

Trish and Steve at Marcliffe

Julie and Duncan at Cults West

Morag and Jason at Norwood Hall

Fiona and Gordon at Pittodrie House Hotel

Elaine and ian at St. Machars Cathedral

Laura and Keith at St.Mary’s, King Street and Norwood Hall

Karen and George at Ardoe House

Suzanne and Alan at St. Machars Cathedral

Shona and Derek at The Town House

Sharon and Richard at Fyvie Castle and Thainstone House

Sharon and Billy at Ardoe House

Paula and Paul at Udny Green Church

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