Your flowers taken in the room while you get ready. Your rings will be photographed. Hair clips and jewellery photographs. Macro photographs of the rings with a nice contrasting background. Rings on top of a wall with nice lighting. The dress ready and waiting, and close up of the detail. Girls all love their shoes. and the more practical Ugg boots. Close ups of your flowers in the morning while still at their best. Slide The bouquet with the butterflies Slide The Bridesmaids dresses. Slide Not forgetting the Groom's accessories. Slide The Bride's dress and boots at Meldrum House Slide Any signs, table names, or important "messages". Slide Beautiful shoes photographed in the studio. Slide Something old and something blue. Slide Beautiful jewellery on a wall using a shallow depth of field. Slide and the rings using the same technique. Slide We often find interesting places to photograph the rings. Slide The rings and their boxes.

Accessories Gallery

We know that you will spend lots of time choosing your rings, flowers, jewellery, and of course, your dress. A lot of effort goes into all the details, colours, and theme for a wedding, and it is important that you have a record of this in your set of images.

The photographs taken of these "details" are very effective when used in our storybook albums, and can be used in the background of the pages e.g. the wedding rings in the background of the page with shots of the service.

We can take very effective photographs while at the wedding but we also often take photographs of your jewellery and accessories in the studio before the wedding. This is free of charge for the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond services, and at a small extra charge for the other services.

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