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Sep 2009

Welcome to the blog

Our Studio at 256 Wellington Road, Aberdeen
Our Studio at 256 Wellington Road, Aberdeen

This is the first post in our new blog which I hope will become a useful means of communication with clients, prospects, and friends. It is a cliche but I feel very fortunate to earn my living doing something that I enjoy so much and photography has been a lifelong passion. Therefore the bulk of this blog will revolve around photography, but will also have posts on my other passions – technology, music, and fine dining. I have been a keen photographer for 39 years and had my first darkroom at home when I was 11. I have been working as a professional photographer for 32 years and this is the most interesting time I have experienced.

Digital imaging has matured and completely taken over from film and this is a very exciting transition for my profession. This blog will hopefully give an insight into how powerful a tool photography is both in it’s traditional role of recording life’s big events but also as a selling and communication tool in business and industry. has developed and we are involved in creating websites, email marketing campaigns, sales presenters, point of sale displays, and wall decor for hotels, offices, and restaurants. Hopefully it may be of interest to see some of the projects we are involved in e.g. supplying building wraps, images printed as wallpaper, themed display projects, creating websites, e-mail marketing, and everything that uses images to communicate.


People photography and weddings in particular are still a major part of our business so you will regularly see what we are up to as this field of photography has seen dramatic changes. The biggest change is in how we present our photography producing beautiful bound books – click here for an example.

Wellington Road Studio

Wellington Road Studio

The other important area that we are going to develop is studio portraiture as we have a superb new studio. We offer a wide range of style, both the creative modern style and also the more traditional portraits which is neglected by a lot of studios. As one of the founder Venture Studio members, I have extensive experience in offering innnovative portraits and I am looking forward to developing this part of the business.

Look out for special portrait promotions before Christmas


Technology will feature in many of my posts as I am a self-confessed gadget fanatic. I am a huge fan of Apple and having converted from Dos/Windows, I never cease to be impressed by Apple’s hardware, software, and innovation. My favourite gadget is my iPhone 3Gs and I will feature some of the amazing apps I have on my phone.

I hope that you will  choose to read at least some of the posts and find something of interest.

Neil Gordon, LMPA, LSWPP


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