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Feb 2020

Welsh and Taylor Opening Celebration

Last Wednesday was the official event to celebrate the launch of Welsh and Taylor, at the Chester Hotel.

The Welsh and Taylor team of Kieran, Martin, Maddie, and Emma were all there early to set up displays and be ready to welcome the guests. Holburn HiFi were also there showcasing beautiful Bang and Olufsen products, and playing the background music.

The Chester Hotel is a great venue and the guests were treated to drinks, coffee, and excellent canopies.

Martin Welsh with Anna Stephens (Laings Direct Line)

Hannah Low of Handpicked Properties with Brian Kinghorn, Executive Director of BNI

Adrian George of Eyecandy (left) with Derek Mair of Hall Morrice

Ruth McIntosh (left) of Clan, and Chloe Cruden of AFC

It was a relaxed evening with friends and family mingling and before Martin and Kieran made their presentation. There were a lot of Martin’s fellow BNI members as guests.

Kieran welcomed the guests and introduced the team and featured the photographs I had taken at their offices for their website and press release. You can see these here.

Martin then spoke about the exciting plans for the future for Welsh and Taylor, and the even then finished with mingling and a good opportunity for the guests to network.

I delivered the photographs to Bold Street Media for 8 am the following morning ready to use for press release.


I featured this shoot at BNI.

Last year the members of BNI Scotland North reported income in excess of £15.4 million in new business!

Globally, the 270 000 members of BNI passed over $16 billion in business. In the UK, it was £520 million, and in Scotland North, £19.2 million, up nearly 3 ½ million on 2018.

One element of the meeting is that each member has 60 seconds to let the other members and visitors know about their business, and ask for a specific referral. Every week, I show one recent assignment or a selection of the work done the week before.

You can see the content I have used at BNI over the last three years here:

If you are interested in discussing photography or attending BNI, please contact me by email ( or phone me on 07813 705 205

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