Our studio is a great space for product shots. we have a very large cove which is ideal for product photographs. I was contacted by Deborah of DXD Media about taking photographs of workwear for her client, Donside Safety. The photographs are for a new website and brochure. The first shoot was with a model and I arranged for a friend, Jordan Clarkson, to do this and both Deborah and her client were very happy with the shots.

The second part of the shoot was to use a mannequin. The challenge was that the client wanted the workwear to be “floating”. Removing the base with Photoshop is straightforward. However, removing the neck of the mannequin was not so easy as we had to have something to replace it. Therefore I photographed the inside of the collars which Lukas combined with Photoshop. With 19 shots to do, this was a lot of work but the end result was excellent, and the client was delighted. 



“….I think the final quality of image is really good, and the client now has something professionally delivered, rather than their first idea, which was to have me go in with my iPhone”

Thanks | Deborah



It was quite amusing watching Deborah and Shauni manhandling the mannequin to dress and undress it for the photographs. As well as the dressing, Deborah also had to iron each outfit. I took a very short clip of video with my iPhone.