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Jul 2023

A year working with Air Liquide

In April last year (2022), I was contacted by Ian Bruce of Air Liquide about photography required at their new Marywell facility. I met with Ian at his office and established that they required images showing the facility, the gas tanks, the team at work, and dry ice blasting. I supplied a quote and a brief was agreed.

We took ground and drone shots to show the location, and photographed the workshop, and gas tanks.

The facility was not completed so we used Photoshop for the ground on the yard, to simulate the work that has now been completed.

They were very happy with the images and service, and we then were commissioned to photograph the Greenbank Road facility. Since then we have supplied headshots, and photographed an open day, and taken more facility and service shots. As well as photography, there has been a lot of Photoshop post processing to add and change logos on tanks, and clothing.

These images have been used extensively for the Air Liquide website, a huge display advert at Aberdeen Airport, Linkedin posts, and other marketing. Photography is a vital marketing, and sales tool, and is an investment in your company image and branding. Our images help Air Liquide show their team, their facilities, what they do and also enhance their brand.

However the most important reason for investing in professional photography is to increase brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and ultimately generate revenue.

Another important function for photography is for office display. We large display prints and wallpaper for the office walls. As well as the images we had taken, we also supplied an image of Dunnottar Castle but to make it work on the wall, we had to rotate it 180degrees.

The client had a small image of a scene in Norway that they wanted to use for wallpaper. Lukas, our in-house Photoshop guru used some of the new ai image technology available to us to increase the file size to allow the wallpaper to be printed, and then edited the image to add tanks and relevant branding.

We worked with fellow BNI member, Eyecandy Graphics who supplied and fixed the wallpaper. We also involved another BNI member, Aberbuild who mounted the prints, and fitted dado rails for the wallpaper. These display images further enhance the brand, and make a nicer environment for the Air Liquide team (the castle image is in the canteen)

We have consistently good feedback from Sebastien and Ian at Marywell, and Maria at Greenbank Road.

Photos are looking great and the video is excellent too, a real impact using the stills that we will definitely use going forward. Really coming together the way we would like so thanks a lot for that.

I’ll talk to you Monday but Greenbank Road need new advertising images and a super quick turn around there may be required. We can chat about that on Monday.


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