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4 Apr 2019

Wedding of Kirsty and Paul at Norwood Hall

Saturday (30th March) was the big day for Kirsty and Paul, at the beautiful Norwood Hall. It was raining in the morning but by 11.30am when I was leaving for the wedding, the sun was shining (a bit too much!). I started with shots of the girls getting ready, and also the dresses, flowers, jewellery, and shoes.

Then I met Paul, the Groom with his best man, Calum, and the two Michael’s who were the ushers, before photographing all 140 guests before the service.

25 Jan 2019

Lesley and Frazer Wedding Album

Lesley and Frazer got married in December 2016 and were delighted with their photographs:

“Thank you so much for the great service at our recent wedding, we are absolutely over the moon with the photographs! It is going to be so hard to pick some for an album!
Thanks again

They delayed ordering their album until just before Christmas last year, and it was delivered from Italy in early January. They chose a new material, Sequoia, (in a warm grey colour), and the description of this material from the factory in Italy is:

“Extremely high quality, and beautiful, aniline treated Italian nubuck cow leather that has a distinct vintage effect obtained through a special hand-finishing process. Its softness and warm tones is the highest expression of classic vintage elegance.”

The names and date were embossed below the photograph on the cover to create a classic cover.

The page layout tells the story of the wedding from the best man and groom arriving up to the first dance. Although the wedding was on the 30th December, most of the photographs were taken outside at the Hilton Tree Tops, and some bridal portraits of Lesley and Fraser were taken at Johnston Gardens.

Lesley and Frazer kew what to expect as I photographed her sister, Laura’s wedding in 2014 at Norwood Hall, and Laura and Craig also had a Graphistudio book, but I was still delighted to get an email from Lesley confirming how pleased she was with it.


Hi Neil
Just to let you know we love our wedding book. So happy with the quality of photos and how they have been put together. Delighted.

Thank you very much

15 Jan 2019

Scott and Craig’s Wedding album

In August last year, I photographed the wedding of Scott and Craig at Maryculter House. It was a stunning wedding with great attention to detail, including Alpacas delivering the rings, a beautiful set up at Maryculter, a nice sunny (but windy) day, and superb entertainment from the Big Show.

Scott and Craig were delighted with their images.

After you took pictures at my brothers wedding I knew we would struggle to find a company with such high standard and dedication. We have looked at our pictures and I don’t know how we can choose. Neil is amazing at what he does highly recommend. Thanks again Neil and Sandra

Scott and Craig

They then chose their favourites using our on-line system, and then met with me to look at the images on my screen and discuss options, and decided to have a book. The pages were deigned and presented to them on-line where they could comment and suggest changes. After all the changes were made, we met again to look at the book at actual size on my 38 inch screen which previews the book exactly.

At this meeting, they chose the style (Young Book), with an acrylic cover with grey spine and back, in a white box with grey text and ribbon, matching the wedding theme.

The book looked fantastic and the boys were delighted to get it for Christmas to show all their family and sent another nice email from Scott recently:

Hi Neil
We are both delighted with the book and all our family thinks it is stunning.

The ultimate way to present your wedding images is in a stunning Italian Graphistudio book which can be fully personalised from a huge range of materials and options. Our page preview system is second to none and all of this ensures you can get exactly what you want. With sizes ranging from 30×20 to 50x40cm, and a wide range of cover options, you can get something very special and to fit your budget.

As well as designing and supplying books from our own wedding photographs, we often create books for clients who have their own images taken at ceremonies abroad, or from images supplied by their photographer. We just ordered a book this week for a couple married at Loch Lomond where they bought the digital files.

We also supply books for events and corporate clients. If you would like more information or to see samples, email neil@aberdeenphoto.com

19 Dec 2018

Amity Fish Company

With one of Scotland’s best-loved Skippers, Jimmy Buchan, at the helm, the Amity Fish Company is well known for its high quality seafood. Jimmy has over 40 years’ experience in the fishing industry and was the star of the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Trawlermen TV series. As a “foodie” who has sampled Amity seafood at Food and Wine nights, and on many of the best menus, I was delighted to be asked to photograph some of the products.

They were being prepared by the very talented, Chris Ritchie, head chef at the Saplinbrae Hotel.

14 Dec 2018

Vovem Restaurant Photography

VOVEM is derived from Bovem (Latin, Noun) for Ox, Cow, or Bull.

“A new and vibrant venue has arrived in Aberdeen City.
It is contemporary. Sophisticated. Innovative.
Offering a unique experience and authentic atmosphere.”

9 Nov 2018

New website for Zen

Zen in Bon Accord Crescent is the best Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen, and is one of the best Chinese restaurants anywhere. In 2018, it was voted the “Best Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen City and Shire”.

Zen is in a basement building in Bon Accord crescent but is a very stylish and comfortable restaurant with fantastic food and great service.

31 Oct 2018

Office set up

This post was created for a Mac Power Users forum, and has a lot of information that would only interest geeks. However a lot of my clients are interested in the tech we use so this is the first post showing our facilities and equipment, and there will be more to follow on the studio, and our camera and lighting gear.

This is my office. I run a small photography company providing weddings, portraits, commercial photography (specialising in real estate), and we also create websites. I also have a studio with a cove, a dedicated changing room, a gallery, and another office (for Lukas and admin), in a converted school.

The dominant element in my office set up are the two LG38 widescreen monitors. We create a lot of books for weddings, events, and other commercial projects, and the book format is exactly 21:9, and the screen is exactly the size of the most popular option, 40x30cm which on a 2 page spread is 80x30cm, the screen size. 

The screens are connected to the latest maxed out 2018 13 inch MBP. I use the Belkin Thuderbolt dock so there is only one cable to attach to the MacBook Pro. I tried a 15 inch but it was just too big as a portable. Lukas does most of the editing (on a max spec 27 inch iMac and second monitor), so I do not need as much power/ram as he does.  When meeting with a client, I use mirror mode for the two screens and turn one screen to directly face the clients, and when working on my own, I use the two screens as a huge 76 inch extended desktop. Both monitors are on Ergotron arms, and one has a keyboard and mouse tray so I can work standing up. I use the app, Moom which remembers where I like everything so it is very easy to have a neat set of windows across the two screens.

24 Oct 2018

Kimberlie Hamilton author website

Earlier this year I was introduced to Kimberlie by her fiancé, John Otto, a friend, and fellow BNI member. Kimberlie wanted some profile shots taken and we agreed on Drum Castle as the location. The shoot went well, and Kimberlie was delighted with the results

19 Oct 2018

Photography for the Mariner Hotel

We have recently taken some new photographs for the Mariner hotel on Great Western Road. I met with Mike Edwards and discussed the shots required which were:

  • refurbished bedrooms
  • the bar (including new seating)
  • and food shots for a new menu

This is the ideal job for me as interiors and food are my favourite subjects.

The bedrooms are large, bright, and very well equipped

9 Oct 2018

Rachael and Ricky’s wedding at La Bastide de Gordes

I was delighted and honoured to be asked to photograph the wedding of Ricky Simpson and Rachael in the South of France at the beautiful setting of La Bastide de Gordes.Ricky has been a client and friend for 39 years.

I was also invited to join the group of friends from Aberdeen for the week before the wedding –  playing golf, a river cruise, and of course, eating and drinking. It was a great week, and the wedding on Saturday (15th September) was a superb fun event. 

I started with shots of the girls getting ready and then took some informal shots of the guests before meeting Ricky. Ricky’s long term friend, Sir Rod Stewart was one of the best men, and Les Hutchison was the other. Les also did a fantastic job as the MC. The three men walked in with the pipers, wearing kilts singing Flower of Scotland, before Rachel was then piped in with her bridesmaids and Mum for the service in the hotel gardens.

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