All of us at are “foodies” and love photographing food. Lighting is the most important element but certain dishes have a strong graphic identity and will look striking when photographed from directly above, while other subjects often need to be shot from a lower angle. For a long time, food photographs tended to be shot and composed in a manner similar to the way people were used to encountering their food: laid out on a table setting and shot from an overhead perspective, i.e., from the point of view of the eater. Now romantic lighting, and shallower angles are the prevailing trend. We prefer to present the food as simple, clean, and naturally as possible, and with little props, often using effects such as selective focus, tilted plates, and close-ups. This complements trends in professional cooking to make the food more visually interesting.

We have been learning more about food photography which requires a special set of skills, much like being a master chef. Knowledge of preparation & food styling techniques, working closely with the chef to plate the food for photographing, and utilising the correct lighting & photography techniques are all essential ingredients when preparing a food photograph. Then a few finishing touches will cook up an image that looks good enough to eat.


  • Creative and innovative photography with same day image viewing.
  • Use of the best macro lenses and specialist lighting for food
  • Use of image stacking – taking a range of shots at different apertures and combining them in post processing to maximise depth of field
  • Downloadable link to your finished, retouched images within 24 hours.
  • All inclusive cost effective pricing packages (from £150)
  • Extensive Photoshop and digital post processing services
  • Very high resolution files available – our images have been used on massive bill boards and as building wraps principal Neil Gordon LSWPP has provided exceptional quality professional photography for over 40 years.

Over that period, we have moved from film and darkrooms to state of the art digital cameras and advanced Photoshop skills but providing quality images and great customer service has been consistent.

Based at a custom designed studio (with car parking) and office, we work across Scotland (and occasionally further afield) but work mostly in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area including Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Banff, Keith and Buckie to the north and Stonehaven, Laurencekirk, Montrose, Forfar and Dundee to the south.

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Katie from Laings

“Thank you for the sending through the images from Monica and Andy’s homes. They look fantastic! Monica’s kitchen really has the wow-factor, though I can definitely see how the reflections posed a challenge – so much glass! – you did a brilliant job though. Please don’t worry about the work arounds in the dressing rooms. Working from the visuals I wasn’t certain of what would be possible, so just wrote a blue sky list based on what we’d love in an ideal world. What you have shot is perfect. Thank you!”

Katie from Laings



Terry Cobban | Ace Forwarding

“As usual the photos are great and the photoshopping works well eh 😲 We needed this for a press release this months and our new all electric truck doesn’t arrive until beginning of October …. So on that issue thanks for your help buddy Looks like you have a great relationship with a camera – every thought of taking it up full time) in all seriousness Neil 1st Class yet again buddy, send me the bill and we will get you paid asap.”

Terry Cobban
Ace Forwarding

Freda, Savills Client

“Hello Neil – everything looking F.A.B Thank you for everything – your the best!”

Freda, Savills Client


Claudia, Savills Client

“Thank you so much, that’s incredible! Much appreciated”

Claudia, House owner
Savills Client



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