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Dec 2010

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A fairly typical job where the requirement was for a group shot and a head shot of everyone. The only difficulty was that there was no where in the office to take the shots so I had to use the entrance but there was a logo of another company on the door and door closers etc. but this is where Photoshop is a godsend and we removed all the distracting elements.

I set up a background in the entrance and used a soft box and the daylight from the door as a fill light and worked with my favourite lens – the 70-200 f2.8 VR11 to get the head and shoulder shots of everyone. We put them all on-line (click here) later the same day so they could choose the best ones for each person. Even although this is not always popular with staff, I got an email the following morning confirming they were happy with the images.

"Morning Neil,
Thanks for your time yesterday; the pictures are really nice…..

Taking photographs to "put a face to a name" on a company website is something we do a lot. If someone new joins the company, we make sure we use the same background and match the colour balance to keep everything consistent. We also create management boards for display in reception area. I am amazed how many very amateur versions of this I see, even for very large companies who are normally very conscious of their branding and image. If this sort of thing might be useful for your company, please click here to email me for a quote

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