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Apr 2010

Birthday Portrait Party

Portrait Parties

Are you looking for a different idea for a birthday party. What could be better for young girls than getting together as a group and have their hair and make-up professionally done before being photographed in a photographic studio. We recently hosted a birthday portrait session in our studio for Khyla and Erin, both celebrating their 7th birthday. Eight young girls started their party by being picked up by a pink limo from  Hollywood Cars


Once they arrived at the studio, we had the music videos on in the studio on our 100 inch screen and the TV. The music is also available in the changing room. Some research (asking my daughters) and downloads of JLS, Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga, and other appropriate music, and the mood was set. All the girls had their hair done by Steph and their make up done by Caroline, both professionals and glamorous examples of their jobs.

Then it was time to be photographed by Andy in the studio. Hearing the noise made me very glad that Andy is the portrait photographer, and not me! Several of the parents came along and a few them also had some photographs taken but mainly it was the girls on their own and with their friends.


Andy took a range of shots including some head shots of the girls individually but mostly it was small groups and the girls enjoyed getting photographed with their friends. You can view the images by clicking here



Then it was time for some food which Sandra had prepared. After the nibbles and sweets, then it was time to dim the lights and bring in the birthday cake which had been delivered to the studio earlier. After the girls left, the studio looked like a bomb had exploded and our cleaner Iwona had a harder job than usual, but as the girls all enjoyed it so much, it was worth it.

This was the first children’s portrait party we have hosted and we learned a lot from this and we are going to offer a few different packages for this and I think this may be a very popular alternative or addition to the many options available for children’s parties. We will ensure we have a supply of valium for Andy!

Look out for these services on the Portrait section of our website which is currently being completely re-designed.

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