360 Panoramas

aberdeenphoto.com are now offering 360 Degree Panoramas.

Viewing the 360 panoramas

The best way to view these on a computer is to use full screen. You can hide the controls. You can choose to let the 360 pan automatically or use your mouse to drag.


You can interactively "be there and look around" with the full realism that expert digital photography can capture.

Having an immersive virtual panorama allows your audience to be immersed in a seamless 360 degree visual environment that offers far more contextual information than a series of static images or a linear video clip for the same amount of downloadable bandwidth. Your audience will be wowed and impressed.

As we are looking to have more samples of these, we are currently offering exceptionally good pricing in return for an agreement that we can use them as samples on our website.

E-mail Neil for more information.

Deeside Golf Club – 360° Interior Views

Deeside Golf Club – 360° Exterior Views

Dril Quip – 360° Interior Views

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