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Oct 2019

John Bell Pipeline

We often see requests for photography on social media and some of my clients, and BNI members are often kind enough to recommend me but with the number of photographers active on social media, it is only occasionally that we are successful getting the work. Recently Clear Focus, a local video company posted that they required a still photographer to work with them at John Bell Pipeline. I supplied samples and a quote and was commissioned.

The brief had a long list of shots but I did manage to get most things on the list done in the full day shoot. There were some exterior shots and we very lucky to get a beautiful sunny day with blue skies, so I took these first while the light was good.

There was a training session in progress and I took photographs of this without interrupting the meeting.

We had headshots to do, and lots of warehouse and product shots. I set up a “Studio” in the reception so that a few people who were leaving early could get done, and then I started on the long list of warehouse shots. Fortunately all the warehouses were very tidy, and the usual tidy up was not required.

Products were on the brief and I did explain that high quality product shots needs a studio set up, and the products need to be very clean and free of any marks as the high resolution (47mpx) sensors we use highlight any flaws. I got enough for the immediate requirements but I am going back to set up for product photography.

The brief was for high quality headshots against a plain background. A selection was taken for each employee to let them pick their favourite. By having a separate set up, I was able to carry on with the interiors etc. but fit in the headshots as the staff were available. There was more than enough daylight, and I could have used reflectors and got nice lighting but as this was changing, and not everyone was there, I set up studio lights so the lighting that can be repeated to match when I take people who were not available. 

This was the set up for the headshots. There was another fill light out of shot at the right. The Tri-Reflector (in gold) creates a flattering light when the main light is bounced from it.

Although I was commissioned by Clear Focus, I had to create images that an agency and most important, the client were pleased with. Fortunately we got great feedback, and I am going back to Inverurie for the remaining shots, but also going to Grangemouth, and the main NTS facility in Yorkshire.


“Great work. Danni is very happy.

Tom Barton
Senior Marketing Executive
John Bell Pipelines

“I have reviewed all the photo’s thank you, they are excellent and give us a really good base to work with.
I wondered if you would consider coming down to Yorkshire to do some photography for NTS?”

Danni Hadley
Group Marketing Manager
National Tube Stockholders Limited


I featured this shoot at BNI.

Last year the members of BNI Scotland North reported income in excess of £15.4 million in new business!

Globally, the 227,000 members of BNI passed over 9.8 million referrals which resulted in more than $13.6 billion in business.

One element of the meeting is that each member has 60 seconds to let the other members and visitors know about their business, and ask for a specific referral. Every week, I show one recent job, or a selection of the work done the week before.

You can see the content I have used at BNI over the last two years here

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