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Aug 2010

Layra and Ryan’s wedding photographs at Cove

Cove Bay as a location for Wedding photography

Laura and Ryan live in Cove and were having their wedding service and reception in the Altens Thistle so at the pre-wedding meeting I suggested taking photographs at the small harbour in Cove. The day of their wedding was glorious and the views at Cove were stunning although the lighting gave me major problems. Luckily I had my Quantum Q Flash with me and using the Freewire radio system, I got David to hold this off camera flash so that I could get enough fill light to work with the very strong backlight. I did take one or two shots with sun behind me to show the setting but some of these were back or side views as the sun was too strong for Laura and Ryan to look towards.

The image above has not got the ideal lighting but it was worth having to show the view. The image below with the light behind is much more flattering but needed a lot of flash to match the very strong back light.

Click here to see images taken by me and David’s more informal shots are here.

The very powerful flash allowed me to get enough light on the couple but still retain some detail in the view behind.

Click on play below for a slideshow of the best images




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