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May 2020

My daily walk

During this lockdown we have had great weather and the daily walk is a welcome break from my office desk. Fortunately we have some great walks only a few minutes from our office/home.

Our car park is up a lane next to a church (which is now used for storage)

We cross the dual carriageway at the crossing and you get to the car park for the Kincorth Hill Nature Reserve. This is a very popular walk and there are often dog walkers vans in the car park.

There are several routes to follow and information boards along the routes. There is even a QR code to take you to the website with more information.

There have been paths created and it is a great place for a walk

There are lots of birds, and some ponds too.

Just now, it is great to see stones with flowers and rainbows all along the routes

There are some great views across the city

There are also lots of spring flowers

There is quite a history to Kincorth Hill. On the information board, there is reference made to Covenanting Times, and the Covenanters. There are lots of a Covenanter addresses in Kincorth

Most of these images have been taken on my iPhone but when I take a camera with me, I get people posing. I am going to print this image and pin it to one of the boards and hopefully this couple will find the print.

It is great to have this on our doorstep.

Walks and trails in Aberdeen

There is also a great coastal walk very close and I will feature it soon.

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