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Sep 2016

New Digital Wedding Services

We have a great reputation for wedding photography and the huge number of testimonials from clients is our best advert. We photograph weddings throughout Scotland, and even internationally.

We have always had a good range of packages for all weddings – from only 2 people to the largest wedding with hundreds of guests.

We have never included digital files as part of our packages but included them when a book was purchased, or sold them at an additional fee. This was not only a commercial decision but I have always wanted to ensure that anything printed from our files was printed to a high standard. However our clients want to have the digital files to share them on social media, and the flexibility to use the photographs how they want.

From today every package will include digital files making our services exceptionally good value. Not only will the high resolution files with copyright release be included, a print of each will also be part of the package ensuring you get beautiful prints and a reference to how the files should be printed. The option to upgrade to a book will always be available, with a wider range of options than ever, and at exceptionally good value.

A beautiful Italian designed book is still the best option and will become a family heirloom. However in today’s age of Smart phones, Facebook etc., it is often sad that low quality images are what most people see first. We have always had our images on-line within 24 hours, but on our website and not available for social media unless they were purchased.

We are now including a fantastic personal app for every wedding. This app will also be available within 24 hours and will be a selection of the best shots to have on your phone (available off-line) and you can share the complete set or individual images by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Open this link on your phone to see this.


Alongside the app, a lot of our services also include a slideshow of the best images set to music, and you can see a sample here.

With the app, the slideshow (which looks fantastic on a tablet), and the high resolution files, we are now offering the very best digital options for our clients.

In addition to innovative services, and fantastic value for money, our customer service is exceptional. Your photographs and your own personal app will be on-line within 24 hours, and all orders placed by your family and friends are delivered in 3-7 days.

In addition to these great value services, we are also giving a canvas wall portrait with all print and file services.

You can view and download our wedding brochure here, or if you want a printed copy, please complete the enquiry form.

I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your wedding day and show you samples. Please call me on the office number (01224 877 499) or 07813 705 205.

Alternatively you can use my on-line diary to book an appointment.

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