I regularly photograph completed projects for Tinto Architecture, but was asked recently to take headshots of all the staff for the website, Linkedin profiles etc. These were taken at the Tinto office and I set up a background lights, and reflectors in one of the rooms (see iPhone shot). Only a neutral grey background was chosen, and we took different expressions, and both upright and landscape images (with negative space). The landscape versions are useful for adding text, or when a certain crop is required.

I also photographed the offices and boardroom to be used on the website to show the great space that Tinto Architecture has in Grandholm. A wide selection of shots were taken so that different ones can be used for social media and blogposts. As I added images or logos on the TV screens in post processing, these can be changed to personalise the posts. I added the Linkedin logo on this post to demonstrate this.


“We have in the past never valued the professionalism for our own photographs and our offices when it comes to photography…. How wrong were we. Aberdeenphoto have once again proven why we should leave our photography to the experts”

Richard Tinto
Managing Director