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Feb 2018

Photography for Ulster Carpets

Photography for Ulster Carpets
at The Residence by Marriot
at Marischal Square, Aberdeen

I had a shoot this week for for Ulster Carpets at The Residence by Marriot at Marischal Square. There were several uses for some new equipment I have recently added. I used both the Nikon D5, and the new 45.7 mp Nikon D850 which is seen by many as the best 35mm DSLR ever made. The tiltable screen with live view was very useful to take shots of the carpets with the camera on the floor.

When working on the floor, I also used the focus shift option where it was taking 20 shots with tiny differences in focus point, and then we combined them in Photoshop to give sharpness throughout the shot.

Colour accuracy was important for the carpets. Having a Grey Card reference is the best assurance that the digital pictures that you capture will have the ability to be properly white balanced. Only with a proper white Balance can you be ensured of proper and accurate color, regardless of lighting conditions.

Unlike your eyes, a digital camera does not automatically see whites as white. It sees the colour of the light reflected from the scene, hence blue-ish in Daylight and Orange-ish in incandescent lighting. By including a reference card in each lighting situation, you are assured of being able to achieve a proper White Balance, with accurate, natural colours and no color cast.

“Whibal” cloned out, and daylight and TV areas selectively adjusted for pleasant colour but ensuring the carpet is accurate.

I also used two Godox AD200 heads controlled from the camera using the Godox remote control (seen on top of the D850). This allows me to adjust each unit from the camera position. I have Elinchrom lighting, and the latest Nikon radio control flash system but these Godox units out perform them both, and are much better value.

The focus shift function and radio controlled off camera flash to ensure colour accuracy and sharpness of the carpet. Using the D850’s tilt-able screen made it much easier to compose

Client feedback

Hi Neil,

Thanks for sending these over – they are great and show the carpet well. Its good to have a choice of angles as well. …

I am working in England now until Thursday of next week but I will get a colleague of mine in the office to download them etc….

I really appreciate you doing this job, especially as we had not worked together before.

Kind Regards

Tracey Braziel
Marketing Manager

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