I was recommended to U-student by Jasmine, and I sent them samples of my interior photography including very similar student accommodation for CRM (and their feedback)

“Hi Neil,
I am so happy with these. Great photos. When the building is complete there will be no doubt that they will get you back in to do the rest of the building.

Mitchell Singh
Marketing Manager
CRM Students Limited

I was commissioned to photograph the show flat of the new development in progress on Willowbank Road in Aberdeen.

Photographing these small spaces requires the use of a very wide angle lens and it is vital that it is used perfectly level to avoid distortion. All my cameras have a built-in spirit level to make this easy.

Fortunately, U-student were also happy with the photography and are also going to get me to photograph the completed building.

Hi Neil,
The pictures look really good thank you. Thank you also for the quick turn around on these, its appreciated.
Mike Norris
Operations Manager