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Do you want to take better photographs? Do you want to know how to get the most out of your camera? This is an opportunity to learn from a professional photographer with over 30 years working as a full time professional. Whatever you are interested in photographing, professional photographers with many years experience can help you master the technology and get great results.

The 3 hour beginner course includes the following:
  • A guide to exposure
  • Understanding how your camera works
  • Different exposure modes
  • P (programme) mode
  • A (aperture) mode, also known as Av mode
  • S (shutter speed) mode, also known as Tv mode
  • M (manual) mode
  • Understanding ISO
  • Depth of field
  • Using flash
  • Fill-in flash
  • Advantages of raw files

The course is split into two sessions – the first session will be spent learning about the functions and features of DSLR cameras and "Bridge" cameras.

The second session will be spent taking photographs and trying the different modes and learning about exposure.

The course is aimed at a beginner or someone taking up the hobby again and wanting a refresher and also an update on what current digital cameras are capable of. Although we are happy to explain how to get the best out of compact cameras that have user controls, the course is mainly aimed at DSLR or some of the new Bridge cameras which have the same options as DSLR's.

The aim is to give you a better understanding of your cameras and help you achieve much better results from your investment in a more advanced camera.

This is great value at £250 including notes and sample files.
To book your own session,
 or get some more info contact Neil on:
e-mail: neil@aberdeenphoto.com
phone: 01224 877 499


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