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13 Apr 2010


New Apple iPad

Anyone with an interest in technology will have heard about the new Apple iPad launched in the US on Saturday 3rd April, and due in the UK at the end of the month. Sandra, my partner was in Houston on a work trip and was arriving on the launch day which was very fortunate, so I pre-ordered one to be collected on the 3rd. I then got an email saying it had to be collected before 3.00pm on the Saturday and as Sandra could not be at an Apple Store before 3.00pm, my hopes of getting one were dashed. However Sandra's boss, Lynn, kindly agreed to collect it for me and give it to Sandra, who took it back from the US last week.

2 Apr 2010


Digital Wallpaper for the Craighaar Hotel

One of the many products that we supply is digitally printed wallpaper. We have done several jobs where this has been used very effectively and I intend to feature several of these on this blog. Last year Bob Fitzgerald (see post) met with me to discuss his plans for the restaurant in the Craighaar Hotel. The theme was to be a garden room. After looking at various options, we decided that digital wallpaper was the best option.

We then looked for stock garden shots to use but could not find anything suitable and as large files were required, it was just as cost effective for me to take the photographs. We decided that very colourful shots would not be suitable and we wanted something more calming and muted, and possibly even with a early morning mist. I went to photograph Crathes Castle Gardens several mornings between 5 and 6am but never got the mist I was hoping for. Eventually I took a range of shots of the more overgrown natural areas of the gardens including some in a “panorama” type format where several shots are taken with overlap and these are joined later using Photoshop. On the way out I photographed the area on the right hand of the drive just as you enter Crathes Castle. The water, the bridge, and the “depth” to the shots was what I was looking for and there was also scope for good panorama shots and it was eventually these that were used.

1 Apr 2010

Birthday Portrait Party

Portrait Parties

Are you looking for a different idea for a birthday party. What could be better for young girls than getting together as a group and have their hair and make-up professionally done before being photographed in a photographic studio. We recently hosted a birthday portrait session in our studio for Khyla and Erin, both celebrating their 7th birthday. Eight young girls started their party by being picked up by a pink limo from  Hollywood Cars


Once they arrived at the studio, we had the music videos on in the studio on our 100 inch screen and the TV. The music is also available in the changing room. Some research (asking my daughters) and downloads of JLS, Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga, and other appropriate music, and the mood was set. All the girls had their hair done by Steph and their make up done by Caroline, both professionals and glamorous examples of their jobs.

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