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26 Jan 2010

Point of Sale, design and print

Point of Sale Material

Many people including our clients are not aware of all the services we provide and although taking photographs and supplying images for many uses is what we are known for, we also provide design for a wide range of projects including posters that we print in-house. These are used in hotels, pubs, clubs, and retail outlets to promote and inform. This is a very cost effective medium and it is well worth investing in the design to create an eye-catching professional appearance. Often the investment in design repays itself many times over as you can use it as a “template” and simplify modify it for future use.

The 4 posters featured here give an idea of the uses for this type of material:

EDC Hotels : A 4 ft x 3ft print was produced showing the 5 Holiday Inn’s owned by European Development Company (EDC). This is being used in reception of their Albyn Place head office so all visitors are reminded of the group’s hotel.

25 Jan 2010

Poster Design and Print

(click to see a larger version of the posters)

Posters – Design and Print

Although most of the page layout, design, and print work we do is for our commercial client’s, (click here for blog on this) we are often asked to create posters for personal use. Above are three different ones done recently.

Eastenders: One of my best friend’s son’s- Barry, Jordan, and Josh Clarkson were in restaurant in Spain and had their photograph taken with Kara Tointon who plays Dawn Swan in Eastenders. The photographs were not great and had red eye and were low resolution. The mutual friend who took the photographs wanted to give a framed poster size print as a gift so we enhanced the images, added The Estenders logo and background, and added text to create a nice poster, which when framed looked great. Click the thumbnail above to view it.

Old Trafford: Barry Woods took his Dad to Old Trafford as part of his 50th birthday celebrations and wanted to give his Dad something to commemorate this. He had taken photographs on his phone but they were no use for a poster size print so we got a shot of Old Trafford on-line and scanned the ticket and added it, the phone photographs , and text to create something to frame and keep as a memory of a great Father and son trip. Click the thumbnail above to view it.

12 portrait display: This was done for my daughter (so not very lucrative). A friend of hers had bought a frame with 12 apertures for prints and when I saw Natasha trying to fit the small prints into the flimsy mount, I suggested creating the same effect by adding the images to a 20inch x 20 inch layout and printing it as one print to fit the existing frame. Click the thumbnail above to view it.

If you need to present something or create something with artwork and photographs, call us and see what we can do for you.

21 Jan 2010

Re-touching example

Wedding Exhibition, 17th January 2009

At the wedding exhibition at the weekend, I took along my new D3s (post on this to follow) to photograph our stand. While I was taking this photograph, a few other exhibitors asked me to take photographs. Richard Booth of Cars by Booth asked if I would take a photograph of his Bentley Flying Spur with Jane wearing a dress by Isabelle Randall.

This was a very quick shot taken with only one flashgun (SB-900) and there was no option to move the cars so it had to be taken where it was in front of exhibition stands which was distracting. Lukas, our Photoshop expert, cloned in the black curtains to create a far better photograph (in this case) to let the car and dress feature. Isabelle and Richard are both going to use it on their websites.

Lukas is our star but all of us at aberdeenphoto.com are skilled in Photoshop (Lukas, Greig, Andy, Charlie, and myself) and we all appreciate the amazing possibilities it affords us when creating images for our client’s. However we still, whenever possible, try to do everything in the camera. No amount of Photoshop skills can compensate for photographs taken badly in poor lighting. Every image we take (approx 100 000 per annum) has some Photoshop work done and most of the enhancements are included in the fees we charge. More extensive re-touching or any special requirements are charged on a time basis, but as we are all experienced utilising the best Apple Mac computers, we can do a lot in a short space of time. We charge re-touching at £15 for 15 minutes, £30 for 30 minutes, and £50 for an hour.

As well as re-touching our own images, we do often re-touch photographs or files for clients and other photographers.

19 Jan 2010

Aberdeen Exhibition Centre Wedding Show

Wedding Exhibition at the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre on 16th and 17th January

This weekend we were exhibiting at the biggest wedding exhibition in Aberdeen. It was very busy and we got 75 enquiry forms completed and booked three weddings on Saturday at the show. When I got back to my office on Saturday night, and checked my e-mail, two more of the bride’s I had spoken to at the stand had completed our on-line booking form, which was a pleasant surprise. I booked another three weddings on Sunday making it a very successful show, as usually we only make bookings after the event. I started contacting the exhibition visitors yesterday and  have already made seven more appointments with couples looking for a photographer for 2011.

We are already very heavily committed for this year and I went to the exhibition to concentrate on 2011 but was very surprised how many couples getting married this year had still not booked a lot of the services required. I booked a wedding for February this year and one for September 2012 which just shows how different people’s approach to planning is. I had to turn down several requests for dates this year as most of our Saturday’s are booked but some of the dates we got bookings for were in November and December where we offer very attractive “off-season” discounts (November to March and Monday to Thursday). I also booked weddings for a Thursday and two for Sunday’s.

If you were at the exhibition and did not get a chance to speak to me, please complete an enquiry form by clicking here. I will then send you details of our services and samples at your locations if I have them available. If you are interested, you can then arrange to meet me and see albums and discuss your photography.

I have neglected the blog recently but I am determined to try and add an entry at least twice a week.

Hopefully if you visit this site, there will be something of interest.

All the best to all our past and new clients for 2010.


19 Jan 2010

Falls of Feugh



One of the photographs on our stand at the Wedding Exhibition (see the post here) – a shot taken at the Falls of Feugh of Amanda and Darren on Thursday 5th November, attracted a lot of attention. The beautiful setting and autumn colours made a great backdrop, Had it not been so cold, we could have taken many more shots in this great location.

I had been at the “Falls” as a client but only for a coffee but after seeing how good the food looked while at the wedding, I went back on the Sunday with Sandra and we were definitely not disappointed. We had a beautiful Sunday lunch and the number of people who had to be refused as the restaurant was full, proves that it’s excellent reputation is obviously well deserved.

I spoke to Ann Taylor, the owner, and Sandra, the manager, and they plan to start promoting the Falls of Feugh for both small intimate weddings and for groups up to 60 people. With the setting, beautiful food, and attentive staff, I am sure they will be successful. I cannot wait to get back there and take more photographs in this great setting.

Click here to see all the photographs taken at Amanda and Darren’s wedding.

14 Dec 2009



Sarah and Dougie at Gilcomston South and Ardoe House on the 20th November

I have been neglecting the blog but intend to rectify this even although we are exceptionally busy at the moment. Although traditionally a quiet month, we have been fortunate to have eight weddings in November with three of them at Ardoe House (and a 60th birthday), which is a great setting for a wedding.

On Friday 20th we were lucky to have a cold crisp winter’s day. Gilcomston South is on Union Street at the corner of Summer Street and as it was a 1.00pm service, Union Street was very busy but generally people are very considerate and do not walk between the camera and the people being photographed.

25 Nov 2009





A new hotel opens its doors in aberdeen

A brand new city centre hotel with a difference opened to the public last week.

The 40-bedroom Bauhaus hotel and Yatai Japanese kitchen, the brainchild of local businessman Nick Garrett, is situated in Langstane Place, while poignantly, the inspiration who was behind the design of the concept was architect Bob Fitzgerald, who sadly passed away earlier this month. I worked with Bob and Nick on the artwork for the walls and have supplied around 80 canvasses and acrylic displays in sizes from 400×400 to 2 metres and larger done in canvasses split into sections. Some of this has been from artwork we created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

This is one of many jobs where I worked closely with Bob, who has been a friend for over 25 years. Click here to see some of Bob’s projects.

To learn more about Bauhaus, go to their website here. I have taken the photographs while the building was in progress but now that it is open, I will be taking more shots of the hotel including Yatai and the two bars, and I will post them in the Blog next week. Bauhaus is a unique concept: –

As general manager Sylvia Simpson explains, the bauhaus offers something unique at affordable prices.

“the five levels above the ground are each colour co-ordinated in yellow, red, blue, grey and black, an effect that continues through to the exterior lighting which results in a spectacular appearance at night.

“we are also absolutely delighted to have persuaded renowned chef John Jones to relocate the extremely popular Yatai Japanese kitchen to within the hotel complex right in the heart of the city and of course the restaurant, now double the capacity compared to its previous location, will be available to non-residents.”

Once all the artwork I have supplied is delivered and fitted, I will add a separate post to this blog featuring this.

25 Nov 2009

Bob Fitzgerald



Marcliffe at Pitfodels


Simpsons, Queens Road, Aberdeen


Soul Bar, Union Street, Aberdeen

Bob Fitzgerald

On the 10th November, Bob Fitzgerald sadly died a very short time after being diagnosed with cancer. Last Tuesday (17th November) his funeral took place at Rubislaw Church. It was a good send off for Bob with the Church struggling to accomodate the huge number of people who wanted to pay their respects to a very well liked and admired man.  His talent and flair was legendary and many of the best known venues in Aberdeen were designed by Bob – The Marcliffe, Simpsons, Soul, Dizzys, the Albyn, and many many  more. Recent notable jobs have included The City Bar and 6 Queens Road, both of which earned him Civic Awards. Very sadly he did not get to see his last big job, The Bauhaus Hotel (click here to see Bauhaus) but one of his colleagues did show him photographs while he was in hospital, and it is a great design and demonstrates Bob’s unique talent.

I will really miss Bob – for the last 2 years, I have worked a  lot with him and spoke to him nearly every day. I had known him for over 25 years and always thought he had a great talent but working closely with him, totally convinced me that he was a very creative special guy and these plaudits are not because he is not here, as I said the same many times over the years. My thoughts are with his wife Kate, and his two daughters, Emily, and Chloe.

His work speaks for itself and I prepared a slideshow of a small selection of his work to show at the wake at Simpsons last Tuesday. Click here to see this presentation.

I have several Blog posts planned showing digital wallpaper and other display assignments, and as most of them were done with Bob, his name will feature many times in this blog.

30 Oct 2009

Super fast delivery


Super Fast Delivery

Last Thursday Dave Ogston called us to see if we could take a family portrait of a group of 7 and a small dog, which is not an unusual type of enquiry. However he went on to ask if he could have a framed print to present for a 70th birthday on the Saturday. Greig discussed it with me and he got Dave to a pre-agree to a 20×16 and also chose a black frame.

The portrait was booked for Friday evening at 7.30pm and Andy took a good range of shots, and Greig stayed back to create the files and select the best one.

There was one where everyone except one of the younger sitters had a good expression so Lukas (our Photoshop expert) exchanged the head from another photograph and the file was ready and the print was made, dry mounted, and framed, ready for collection at 10.00am on Saturday morning when 3 of the family collected it from me, and were delighted with the print, and the service.

Delivering this quickly where we have to choose the image is not reccomended but this story highlights what is possible if neccessary.

If you want to find out more about our portrait service, click here, or email Greig, or phone us on 01224 877 499.

30 Oct 2009

Bauhaus canvasses


Canvas prints for the Bauhauss Hotel

Last week we took delivery of 60 canvas bonded wall prints from artwork we had created for the stunning new Bauhauss hotel in Langstane Place which is due to open in November. The photographs above show all the canvasses for the bedrooms and corridors stacked up in our studio. They were in a range of sizes from 400mm square to over 2 metres.

I am currently preparing visuals of more canvasses, acrylics, and digital wallpaper for the public areas of the hotel and I am really looking forward to seeing them on display in the hotel and this will be featured in a future post after I have photogrgraphed the hotel.

A great spin off for all our clients is that we can offer great prices on canvas prints as we are getting a much better price from our supplier as we have bought sever hundred canvasses this year for other commercial projects.

Click here for details of our canvas print promotion.

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