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Archive for August, 2010

31 Aug 2010

Layra and Ryan’s wedding photographs at Cove

Cove Bay as a location for Wedding photography

Laura and Ryan live in Cove and were having their wedding service and reception in the Altens Thistle so at the pre-wedding meeting I suggested taking photographs at the small harbour in Cove. The day of their wedding was glorious and the views at Cove were stunning although the lighting gave me major problems. Luckily I had my Quantum Q Flash with me and using the Freewire radio system, I got David to hold this off camera flash so that I could get enough fill light to work with the very strong backlight. I did take one or two shots with sun behind me to show the setting but some of these were back or side views as the sun was too strong for Laura and Ryan to look towards.

The image above has not got the ideal lighting but it was worth having to show the view. The image below with the light behind is much more flattering but needed a lot of flash to match the very strong back light.

Click here to see images taken by me and David’s more informal shots are here.

5 Aug 2010

Wedding album at Cragiebuckler Church and Norwood Hall

Wedding album design 

We are one of the few companies that leave all our photographs on-line and have all our weddings going back to 2005 on our website. The advantage of this is that clients who do not order an album at the time of the wedding can do this at any time. We have recently had 2 clients from 2007 that have just ordered their albums (click here to see the album from a wedding at Mar Lodge). Pauline and Paul did not get round to deciding on their album at the time of the wedding but recently decided to order a beautiful Graphistudio book and below is the first draft that has been sent to them to review.

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3 Aug 2010

The wedding of Laura and David at Meldrum House

Laura and David, Meldrum House, 31st July, 2010

The beautiful setting of Meldrum House was the venue for Laura and David’s wedding on Saturday (31st July). The weather was mixed and we had several showers but managed to get most of the photographs taken outside. However some of the shots I had planned had to be omitted as the rain became heavier just as the bridal photography was finishing. Milly, Laura and David’s 1 year old daughter, was not keen to smile even with the Grandparents and Aunty Nicola making faces and noises behind me. Although she would not smile, her blue eyes were amazing, and she obviously got this from her Mum who was very easy to photograph.

Sadra was assisting me holding the brolly over laura and David until I was ready to take the photographs. Lukas was taking the informal photographs and stayed until after the speeches while I stayed on to photograph the first few dances. Lukas headed back and he and David worked until very late on Saturday night and had the "formal" images from both weddings on-line while the wedding receptions were still in full swing. we were all in early on Sunday to get the rest of the images on-line. Sandra and I got a lovely meal in the beautiful drawing room of Meldrum House. While having the meal, I prepared a small selection of images on my iPad and showed them to David, Laura, and some of the bridal party. It is always very gratifying to get good feedback and everyone was delighted with the images.  Although it was quite a long day and hard work, I really enjoyed it, and although I work long hours, weekends, and evenings, I am very lucky to do something I love even more now after 33 years as a professional photographer. Click here for the formal photographs, here for the candid images, and this link for the dancing. Below is a slideshow of a selection of the images.

1 Aug 2010

Pittodrie House wedding albunm

Wedding album design 

Margaret and Ian selected a landscape format for their album and have chosen to include their stationery, menu, and table plan. See the page layouts below.

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