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29 Sep 2010

Wedding at The Old Mill Inn

Naomi and Paul at The Old Mll Inn

Saturday 25th September was the big day for Naomi and Paul. It was cold and windy but at least it stayed dry. As we have worked at The Old Mill Inn for over 15 years (as the photographer included in their package), we know the venue very well. Back in June, David and I spent some time looking at possible spots for photography and found a very nice spot under the bridge in the playing field next to the hotel. However to get there you have to walk along the edge of a stream and it is not very accessible, so we had not used this area.

When Naomi and Paul came to see me for their pre-wedding meeting, they asked if there were any other areas for photography so I suggested going under the bridge which they were happy to do, and Naomi took a change of shoes to make this possible. Hitching her dress up and being willing to walk along the muddy area under the bridge was well worth it as it gave us some great spots for the photography. As Paul is a very keen photographer (click here to see some of his photographs), this was important for Naomi and Paul, and they were a great a couple to work with and were happy to walk under the bridge and spend the time getting these shots.

I am delighted to have these as samples so that other couples getting married at The Old Mill Inn can see what can be taken here and have the option to go there. Click here to see all the formal shots and here for the informal shots taken by David.

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The gallery above is a new add in we are going to use for the blog as it is a nice way to feature a selection of shots.

Below is a slideshow of a selection of the images set to music

21 Sep 2010

Wedding at St. Machars Cathedral and the Marcliffe

Nacari and Richard at St. Machars and the Marcliffe


Friday 17th September was the wedding day for Nacari and Richard. Lukas and David (who had photographed Nacarai’s friend, Yimnys, wedding last year) were the photographers. David started with Nacari getting ready at the Marcliffe, while Lukas went to St. Machars Cathedral. They both got some great shots at both St. Machars and the Marcliffe at Pitfodels. Click here to see the posed shots and here for mainly candid shots.  See below for a slideshow of selected images.

21 Sep 2010

Wedding at Fetternear and Pittodrie House

Robyn and John’s wedding at Fetternear and Pittodrie House


On Friday (17th September), David and I were photographing the wedding of Robyn and John. David started the photography at Robyn’s family home, while I went to Our Lady of the Garioch and St. John the Evangelist Church in Fetternear, (close to Kemnay) to photograph the best man and groom and guests. Unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us and the guests had to be photographed inside the church. After the ceremony we got a few outside but the wind and the rain meant we only got a few before heading back to Pittodrie House. As it was still wet, we took the photographs inside in the drawing room but just before we finished, Robyn and John braved the elements and we took a few in the rain with and without brollies. Click here to the see the formal images and here for the informal. Below there is a slideshow of a small selection of the images.

20 Sep 2010

Busy weekend for David

A day in the life of an assistant

David was working with me on Friday and Saturday and I was at Pittodrie House Hotel on both days. On Friday it was the wedding of Robyn and John at Our Lady of the Garioch and St. John the Evangelist, Fetternear, and reception at Pittodrie House.  On Friday David was taking the informal photographs but also assisting me on a wet and windy day. It is very useful to have someone to hold the dress in place until the last minute and then dive out of the shot. Once it is in place, I will take several photographs in quick succession and pick the best one. My D3s can take at an incredible 11 images per second (yes 11 high resolution photographs in 1 second!). In the shot below (and several others) David has been captured diving out of shot. Click here to see the formal shots and here for the informal.

Watch the Birdie

On Saturday, it was the wedding of Kay and Rick at Chapel of Garioch and then to Pittodrie House again. David was assisting but when the display organised by Kay and Rick, by North East Falconry Centre, took place he could not resist getting out his camera and we both took photographs of the guests getting entertained by the birds. As you will see, one of the Falcons decided David made a good perch!

It is very useful to have an assistant, not just to set the dress but also to act as a model. On Saturday, it was raining and we needed to work as quickly as possible so David and I went and set up where we were going to take the photographs and get the lighting set up so that when Kay and Rick got there, we were ready to shoot. As you will see the shot above has too much flash and I obviously adjusted this before photographing the Bride and Groom. Click here to see Kay and Rick’s wedding photographs from Saturday.


19 Sep 2010

Bauhaus Rooms

New Rooms and Suites at the Bauhaus Hotel

Last week I was photographing some of the new rooms just opened in the second phase of the Bauhaus Hotel. I have been involved with the Bauhaus hotel from the planning stage with Nick Garett (the owner) and the late Bob Fitzgerald (the architect). I supplied a building wrap used on the scaffolding during construction and then produced artwork for canvasses for the rooms, and other artwork for the public areas. Some of this has been featured in previous blog posts – click here for a post about Bob, here for the canvasses supplied, and here for the photography of phase 1.

Click here to see all the shots taken.

19 Sep 2010

Wedding at Kings College and The Marcliffe at Pitfodels

Karen and Nick at Kings College and the Marcliffe

Saturday 4th September was the wedding day of Karen and Nick. David and I were the photographers and Sandra was assisting me. David went to Karen’s house in Fraserburgh while I went to meet Nick, Gordon (the best man), Sean (the Groomsman), and the ushers at the St. Machar bar in Old Aberdeen, before walking down to Kings College. After the service, we worked very quickly to get as many photographs at Kings College before the next wedding party arrived. Then it was off to the Marcliffe where we took the rest of the photographs in the walled garden. Click here to see my photographs and here to see David’s.

19 Sep 2010

Wedding at Dunnottar church, Stonehaven

Sarah and Gavin at Dunnottar Church 

Andy and Lukas were the photographers for Sarah and Gavin’s wedding on the 28th August. Gavin is a fireman and had a brand new Fire engine to escort him and Sarah from the Church to Dunnottar Castle and then the reception at the Altens Thistle Hotel.  Click here to view all the photographs.

17 Sep 2010

Wedding at Lodge on the Loch, Aboyne

Jennifer and John at Lodge on the Loch, Aboyne

Saturday 28th August was my first wedding at Lodge on the Loch, Aboyne. I had looked at the venue on the website and was looking forward to working at this beautiful setting. I was not disappointed when I arrived and saw the beautiful views from the decking outside the bar and restaurant. The service was going to take place outside but unfortunately just at the time of the service, the rain came on and everyone had to move inside for the service. Fortunately the rain went off and after the service and I got all the photographs taken outside.

You can view all the images here

17 Sep 2010

Wedding celebration at Thainstone House Hotel

Lisbeth and David at Thainstone House Hotel

On Sunday August 29th, Lisbeth and David had a party to celebrate their wedding. They had been married in Peru the previous week and the party at Thainstone was to celebrate this with their friends in Aberdeen. We started with informal shots when the guests arrived and had champagne and canopies. Then it was outside for some family and friend groups, some shots of the happy couple, and a big group of everyone, and then a photograph of each couple before the for dinner. David, who had been working with me, stayed on to photograph the speeches and dancing. You can view all the images here.

Lisbeth and David got the images taken in Peru on disc and we are going to create an album with both sets of photographs. As it was windy, we took a lot of the group photographs in a sheltered area…

8 Sep 2010

Beautiful photographs with new Nikkor 105DC lens

Great images with the best lenses 

I just got delivered yesterday yet another lens to add to my extensive collection. This is a rare lens and is rated as one of the sharpest lenses that Nikon have ever produced. At f2, it is a very fast lens but the unique feature is the DC which stands for Defocus control. This allows for the background to be the softest, smoothest washes of color you’ve ever seen. I already love to work with my lens "wide open" for close ups and if you use the best quality lens, the bokeh (a Japanese term to describe the out of focus areas in an image – it comes from the Japanese word boke (暈け or ボケ), which means "blur" or "haze") is beautiful and can be controlled on the lens.

Two quotes fron the reviews that persuaded me to buy this lens are below

"The Nikon AF 105mm f/2 DC is Nikon’s, and arguably the world’s, greatest portrait lens and is also Nikon’s sharpest 105mm lens, and an extraordinarily great lens."

"In fact, the 105 DC gives a true stellar optical performance and is one of the finest Nikkors ever made."

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